Perfect Love Sees Past Imperfections

We strive for perfect bodies. We spend billions a year on makeup, toning products, books and even videos like mine. It’s all in an effort to look better. But what if you couldn’t look better? What if you were destined to have the body you have now for the rest of your life? Take away all the products, professionals and perfect models, and what do you have left? YOU! And you are more than what is on your outsides! Watch this video and see the sweetness of these little faces that will never be “perfect.”

The fact is that how you treat yourself when you don’t measure up is also how you treat others who don’t “look” right. We want to cover ourselves up. Hide. Get tummy tucks and trainers. But the song on that little video that you may or may not have just skipped past talks about how “It’s not about your scars. It’s all about your heart.”

Michael Jackson spent a lifetime trying to change his appearance, and look where it got him! Do you love and accept your own imperfections, the things you can’t change? Some of what we are can be changed and improved, but a lot of it is unchangeable! I guarantee MJ’s mama saw him as gorgeous and loved him from the start just like every mama in her right mind loves her baby no matter what they come out looking like.

Melanie Harper puts it like this on Beyond a Glimpse … “Learn to accept beauty in the uniqueness of each of us. Smile and accept instead of shunning and teasing. We are all different. None is perfect … if you look beyond a glimpse you might see the true beauty that was almost missed.”

So you’ve got stretch marks! Cellulite! Freckles! Blemishes! Warts! And let’s not forget that one chin hair that just keeps growing back at the most inopportune times no matter how often you pluck it! So you limp, or you nose points a little more to the right, or one eye is slightly smaller! You are loved. You are precious. You are amazing, and you are beautiful and worthy of grace and hope and peace. Namaste!

5 thoughts on “Perfect Love Sees Past Imperfections

  1. Mel's Knack ~ Handmade with love says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    Its funny when you have a child with a craniofacial condition or even a close friend who might be less than perfect your view of beauty changes. When my daughter was diagnosed ten years ago I will admit the first worry I had was how she would grow up facing the world 'different'. However I quickly learned the possible complications of her having a craniofacial syndrome & my worry shifted to her overall health. Her operation, yearly dr's appointments and school kept us busy enough that just like any other parent our worry was in helping her grow and succeed while taking on the extra responsiblity of following up on her health. However, as we face surgery again this May to avoid seizures, migrains, & learning delays we marvel in how beautiful & perfect she is.
    Thank you for sharing and I just want to add to your post that each of these individuals in the video ARE 'perfect'. They don't judge others for the differences they have. Through their trials they accept all for who they really are and don't tease, bully, or dislike individuals if they look different or act different. As one of the families in this video I hope your readers understand that we are all ultimately blessed to have been given the gift of our family despite our family coming in a slightly different wrapping.

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