Fit2B Mama Teresa Talks About What It Takes!

“I have been a member of Fit2B Studio for a few months. I loved the idea of getting in shape at home, plus the variety of workouts available. Yes, I loved the “idea” but after a month I had only tried a few workouts. Some were great and made me laugh, but nothing caught on right away. Then the New Year was upon me, bringing with it the questions about resolutions. I am usually not a “New Year’s Resolution” type of gal, but this year I decided I was fed up!

“I have been on numerous diets and exercise programs but I never seemed to stick with it. Well this year, I was going to change! But now I’ve lost 20 pounds, so I thought I would share a few keys to my success:

1. Not a resolution, but a goal. I set out with a concrete, measurable goal.

2. Shout it from the mountain. I tend to keep my goals to myself, just in case I don’t make them. WRONG! If I have an out, I will take it. If people know I am striving for a goal, it keeps me accountable.

3. Mini goals with rewards. This makes me seem like I am a pre-schooler, but I need a lot of “atta-girls!” So I post my successes on Facebook. I tell my friends my progress. I also set up mini goals. I expect each mini goal to take 1-2 months, and I promise to reward myself with something. My first mini goal was to get under 200 pounds! … I am happy to say, I got my manicure “reward” yesterday! (this picture shows me pregnant with my third boy, belly to sympathy-suit-belly with my hubby)

4. Doing the next right thing. Have I been perfect? NOPE! But I changed my idea of what to do when I “slip.” I used to just throw up my hands and say “oh well” and finish the pizza or brownie and then sit on the couch all day. I would think, “Well, I messed up. Might as well start tomorrow, nexweek, maybe some day.” But now I jump right back on-board and make the next right choice. What a difference it has made!

5. Ultimate goals: My goal was to lose weight. Of course, I want to look cute, but really I want to be healthy. That is my ultimate goal. Often times we start out with one goal, but under the layers we find our “true” goal Success is a journey. Start yours today!”
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Teresa Buchmann is a Fit2B Mama of three sons, raising them with her hubby in Washington State. She shared her story with Fit2B Studio after reaching her first goal of weighing less than 200-pounds. Her blog is called Your Family Matters, and it is full of healthy family recipes and honest inspiration. She is always ready with a hug and a smile, and you won’t leave her blog without feeling happier for your visit.

6 thoughts on “Fit2B Mama Teresa Talks About What It Takes!

  1. Traci says:

    Well done T! I'm really impressed by how you are sticking with your goal and getting your job done. You are such a beautiful person with such a great family; it makes me glad to see you doing this for yourself and for them : )


  2. @toddweisscfa says:

    Well done and keep at it. One suggestion that I am sure Beth will relate to you. It's not about "weight loss", but "fat loss" :-). You're in good hands with Bethany.

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