New Blog Design!

Ta-Da! Here it is: My new blog design. It has been quite a journey due to the fact that I had no idea what I wanted at first. My sweet blog designer, Dana Sears, was quite patient with me as I drug her through hills, flowers, babies and finally settled on a (hold the phone) Fit Mama! Duh!

See her up there? Isn’t she cute? She balancing life, work and fitness. Sunshine streams through her window as a workout routine from Fit2B Studio beckons from her computer. And did you notice her body isn’t all scrawny? I had Dana thicken her waist because – HELLO! – my waist isn’t needle thin after two kids! Whose is?

Anyway, welcome to the new and improved Fit2B Mama Blog where you can connect with others on the journey. It’s not quite done yet. Dana has promised me some fine tuning, but I like the improvements so far, and it’s been fun to watch her work her magic. Thanks, Dana!

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