What Fit2B Studio is NOT

What is Fit2B Studio?

Well, sometimes I think it’s easier for me to say what Fit2B Studio is NOT because there are so many cliches and turn-offs in the fitness industry that I am purposefully trying to not imitate. First of all, I am not out to deliberately make you sore, shred your gut, kill your muscles, or leave you in a helpless puddle of sweat. As I network more with physical therapists, chiropractors and other body work experts, I realize how much the mainstream “beat you up” fitness industry is keeping them in business. After getting a huge diastasis and needing knee surgery myself, I no longer believe in the “no pain, no gain” mantra. There are trainers who want to hurt you, and I’m not one of them.

Gentle, tummy safe, core focused workouts ~ Fit2b.com

Fit2B Studio is NOT about skin and using sexy images to sell. The only place you’ll see my tummy is on this blog about my diastasis, but I think this video depicts what my mother thought I was going to be when I announced at age 17 that I was going to get certified to teach aerobics. But this is NOT who I am. In case you are wondering, yes, group fitness instructors really did dress like this in the 80’s… Ack!

Fit2B Studio is NOT just about Yoga. When I say Yoga people instantly tend to think of pretzel poses where you’re all tied in knots. They also think of gurus and mystics sitting cross-legged on mountain tops, chanting and humming. I assure you, that is not Fit2B Studio either! We base many of our moves in basic Yoga poses, but Yoga isn’t our main emphasis. That’s why this pic is in our our sliders on the home page:

You WON'T do this at fit2b.com

 Fit2B Studio is about real people with real issues. We exist to provide safe, gentle workouts that are incredibly effective for beginners and advanced “worker-outers.” Most of our members are moms in SIX countries worldwide. We specialize in diastasis-aware “tummy safe” fitness routines. Our members get access to all our workouts for $14.99/month. We are a part of the fledgling Diastasis Awareness Movement that connects victims and specialists all over the world! We are NOT your typical fitness site. We are so much more! Fit2b.com

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