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It’s a little after 5 a.m. My two year-old boy is having hernia surgery at 8:30 a.m. So why am I spending time networking for my online fitness studio and connecting on social platforms in these last few precious minutes before I have to wake him up and take him to the hospital? Because it’s comforting to me …

I have developed relationships on here, not just deeper ones with old friends and fitness colleagues, but also new and unexpected friendships with random hearts on twitter. Three people I have never met – except through twitter – are on their knees praying for my son this morning. And I found something on my Facebook last night that I knew would help me focus on others instead of my own worries:

#11 – I barely know you, yet you have been an ecouragement and inspiration to me. As one of my first real connections on twitter, you were also one of the first to support Fit2B Studio with your “like” and affirmation and offers of help. I cannot tell you how much that means to me in these early days.

#34 – I knew you for a long time before we became friends. I’m glad that motherhood finally tossed us together for good. You make me laugh every time we talk. The more I get to know you, the more I realize we  have in common … and this makes me excited to keep raising our boys to know and love Jesus together 🙂

#300 – Oh how sweet you are to me. I miss the days of having you in my home. You brought light and laughter even in your pain. You were always so gracious and set such an example of love and forgiveness for the other girls. Things were always deeper and sweeter with you present, and I miss you very much. Hugs!

#1313 – We met through a common – uh – friend? LOL The more we debated him, the more we connected and soon became facebook friends. As it turns out we have many friends in common, and I always enjoy your posts about motherhood and life and perseverance. You are beautiful!

#3 – I owe you so much, and I miss those early mornings. I would have never made it through Petra’s first year at Crossroads without you. You are one of the most interesting and vibrant people I know. Can’t wait to race with you this summer!

… For those of you who are totally confused … these people left a number in my inbox last night. My response was supposed to go on FB or twitter, but I put it here. Because doing this is a blessing on this hard morning. Namaste to all of you!

2 thoughts on “Surgery & Social Platforms

  1. Kayla @EssentialU says:

    Great post — been praying for you family. We went through the same surgery with our son. Crazy the things that can go wrong with our bodies.

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