Put Real Fitness in the Top 25

I recently entered Circle of Moms’ contest for Top 25 Fitness Bloggers, and it’s been an exercise in humility! Even though the top 25 bloggers will get quite a bit of PR on Circle of Moms, my reasons for entering were mostly out of sheer curiosity. Who are these other women who label themselves fitness bloggers? Do people vote for athletes who write about fitness or fitness experts who write about true athleticism?

When I first entered the competition less than two weeks ago, the real contestants were still settling into place. However, I quickly noticed that this competition is less about fitness and wellness bloggers and more about who can entertain the masses with their griping about motherhood and what it takes to fit exercise in between dirty diapers and needy husbands.

Only a few of us in the contest really write (in a positive way) about exercise and fitness. Very few of us have degrees and can actually help educate others about current biomechanics and physiology. I entered this “race” for the top 25, hoping to get my name and Fit2B Studio brand out there. I didn’t really mind if I didn’t win, and it’s been fun. But it’s also irritating to see a bunch of foul-mouthed, anorexic, unhappy moms take the lead.

So I started voting for a few of the more wholesome ones, putting myself more behind! Now, why would I do that? Vote for others ahead of myself? Because with only a few days left in the competition which ends June 1st, it’s becoming apparent that if I want to see the lead mamas who are truly healthy stay in the lead, I need to vote for them! I’m not going to get into the top 25 myself, but I’d really like to see some good women make it! So, yes, I’d love your vote! But check the other gals out, too, and let’s get some real fitness chicks on the map!

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