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I want to thank Selena Moffitt from for being our guest blogger today … Do you use the same advice you were given as a child: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Do you model what you preach?  Do you treat this meal as THE MOST IMPORTANT meal?  Between the kids’ needs and the clock ticking down to the time of departure to school, work, and errands, it can be a tricky subject for moms. Oh, and coffee…is not a food group.  In fact, neither is cereal…but I digress.

I know how tough healthy meals can be as a mother, and I suffered from the lack of energy a poor breakfast can leave in its wake.   I will share with you the MAGIC I discovered while I was I training to become a Holistic Nutrition Counselor.  Are you ready?  Wait for it… Eggs.  And greens. Huh?

Despite what you may have been told about eggs, they are extremely beneficial to your diet.  Iron, zinc, protein, omega 3, good cholesterol needed for all.your.cells! And they are filling.  The bonus side effect: Eggs can stunt your sugar cravings!  WHAT?!  You heard me right. To create a bigger impact, add some greens.  Stored sunshine, first thing in the morning.  Doesn’t that sound amazing! But I don’t have time! Hard boil some eggs for the week and blanch some greens.  Then all you need to do is peel the egg and heat your greens.  Give it a try and let me know how you feel.

Greens and Eggs

1 farm fresh egg
1 TB coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or real butter
1 – 2 large leaves of kale or collards (for a lighter green taste, go for a handful of spinach or lettuce – raw or cooked)
Salt, pepper, sesame seeds, or gomasio is great!

  1. Cook your egg as you like it.  
  2. Just before the eggs are finished, dump in your greens and cover with lid
  3. You want greens to wilt slightly
  4. Top with seasonings

If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or just don’t like eggs, you can join me over at Bump Life for another breakfast option:  Green Smoothie Challenge : Week 1 smoothie, Week 2 smoothie. For more information on how to eat for energy using the foods you may already have in your home, please visit me at  If you would like to join me on my mission to survive pregnancy, motherhood, grow Godly children, and be great stewards of the planet, you can visit my blog at

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