Healthy Lunches, Healthy Aprons

When people ask me if I like to cook healthy meals, I usually look at them sideways and mutter something about being a fitness mama not a “Betty Crocker.” I find joy in making people burn calories, not consume them, so most of my aprons are wadded up in the back of my kitchen towel drawer. However, when I became my daughter’s school lunch room monitor, I decided it was time to give in to the apron-thing and send a healthy, nutritious message at the same time.

This apron proves that finding a healthy apron isn't fruitless!

For some reason I thought it would be easy to find an apron with fruits, veggies and other organic, earthy food-type images on it. Wrong! Every food-themed apron I found had junk food on it: muffins, cupcakes, candy … NOT the nutritious message I want to send! So I did what any desperate modern mom does: I asked my 580 facebook friends if anyone could custom design one for me. You’d never guess who stepped up to the studio spotlight: A local news anchor!!!

I know Anita Kissée through my dragon boat team, The Castaways. She called a 2010 race for us in Salem that we won with her yelling at us the whole way. When she’s not on the water, though, she’s a well-known and loved on KATU news. She blogs over at ChicChick, and I love her “Pug in the Pearl” posts on facebook. It was an incredible honor to have her message me and say to just go pick out the fabrics I wanted and drop them off at KATU… She had it done in one weekend!
Do you see my son clowning around behind me as I model the apron Anita made?
I love wearing my nutrition-focused apron in a lunchroom that is often full of malnutrition. It never ceases to amaze me what parents – who did everything they could to be healthy and nutritious while pregnant – will put in their kids’ mouths and lunchboxes after the pregnancy is over! But I can’t do anything about the “Little Debbie” snacks and lunchables that parents pack. What I can do: Wear a super cute apron that sends super vibrant and positive nutrition messages!



2 thoughts on “Healthy Lunches, Healthy Aprons

  1. June Stoyer @OrganicGuru says:

    I think the best way to get parents to stop buying the “Little Debbie’s” processed toxic snacks is to teach the kids about organic good foods and why they are so much better. When you teach the children, they often wind up reminding the parents what good food really is…organic!

    Love the apron! I have quite a collection myself. Always great to look good an feel good when you are creating a culinary safari or even just brewing a cup of organic rooibos tea!

  2. Fatin khawarizmi says:

    You remind me when cooking and baking for the family; my problem is not cooking but my real problem is how to satisfy everyone in the house, some like crazy hot foods , some are vegan , some are organic woooow, a real headache , I hope you do not have the dame problem as me ?!!
    I love the colors of your apron … vital 😉

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