False Signs of Fitness

The signs are all around us, and they tell lies. Lies about nutrition. Lies about health. Lies about fitness during pregnancy. Lies about what kids really need. Just this morning, I saw a billboard by Burger King that had a picture of an ice-cream cone, a goody-covered sundae and a milk shake. It proclaimed that these three items were “Side. Entree. Dessert.” Um, hello? No, they aren’t! How about this one?

So happiness begins with dessert, huh?

We drive by and click through hundreds of signs every day that fill our minds with messages and images that are far from the truth. Messages what will make us feel good, look good, smell good and live forever are all around us, and we can’t help but see them and read them on some level of our consciousness. But have you ever stopped to retrain your mind after your eyes let these falsehoods into your mind? You can counteract lying images about fitness, pregnancy and motherhood with a solid mental or verbal “NO!” Then replace the wrong message in your mind with the right one.

This one is a little better, but - sorry - exercise won't solve all your problems.

I loved this sign, but is exercise the answer? To everything? I am a firm believer that humans are holistic creations which means that our minds, souls and bodies are made up of intricate connections. But exercise doesn’t pay the bills or fix a marriage or get you to heaven. However, research has proven time and again how regular exercise has a positive effect on our mood, our blood pressure, our faith, our ability to fight cancer, and it helps pregnant moms deliver bigger and healthier babies.

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My point is: Don’t just let all the messages soak in. Evaluate them for the truth they do or don’t hold. Does happiness start with dessert? No! How about the $1 menu at 7-11? Is it really full of good value? Not for your body! If you buy a certain baby product will you and your spouse suddenly be smiling down upon an angelically sleeping child? Um, not likely. If you exercise every day during pregnancy, will that guarantee you a shorter labor and a healthier baby? No, birth and babies don’t come with guarantees, but exercise often helps. If you drink this wine, will you suddenly fit into that little black dress, grow the perfect booty and meet a dashing gentleman on a grand staircase? If only …

Wow, I showed up to this party in a frumpy dress, but then I drank the wine ...

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