Of Posers & Posing

Photo shoots, filming, networking, planning meetings … Those activities made up most of my day yesterday, but if I posted them as my Facebook status then it comes across like I’m this poser of a superstar when I’m not. The reality is that I did do all those things yesterday, but my day actually started at 5:45 a.m. when my daughter’s little sleepover buddy began his bout with the 24-hour stomach flu. Then the fire alarm went off (no fire). Then I took the kids to playschool, and that’s when the photo shoot finally started.

I love that one. It’s the pose I see myself – my heart, my mind – in when my days as a mother and small business founder get “interesting.” It doesn’t have a pretty asana pose name. It’s just my worship pose.

Right after this, I picked up my kids and took them home for a healthy lunch and resting time which I used to work on my new organic lotion’s label design. Then we headed off to church, and after much fun and fellowship it was time for more camera-type posing, planning and purposeful discussion about my family-run business with my partner, Chris Behnke.

It’s a good life. Busy and full of many wonderful people and activities. But motherhood and worship are still my two favorite places – positions, poses – in which to be. Namaste!

2 thoughts on “Of Posers & Posing

  1. heathermichelle says:

    I love the pics. Worship and being a wife are my two favorites.. I have not had any children, but I love them so much. What a blessed life you have, thanks for sharing.

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