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Exercise gives you energy, and you need energy to get things done. Most people know that, but I never believed it. I usually figured that I didn’t have enough energy to fold the clothes so I certainly didn’t have enough to work out. My idea of the best thing to do in under these circumstances has always been to take a nap or drink more coffee.

I hear Dr. Phil’s voice in my head right now saying, “How’s that workin’ for you?” I’ll admit that it was working just fine until we firmed up the dates for the big family reunion of summer 2011. Two details about the reunion really stood out to me. One: It is my husband’s family, and they are marathon runners and decathletes. Two: It is in Missouri where it will be hot, and the marathon-running decathlete-types and I will all be wearing swimsuits. You get the idea …

So with the purest of motives (i.e. Get a hot body fast!) I joined Fit2B Studio. I intended to do some yoga and tell myself that at least I tried, but – I’ll tell you – the yoga has been really fun and addictive. And you’re not going to believe the set of unique “before” and “after” pictures I’ve got to prove it. I’ve been at it for three weeks now, and it quickly went from a midmorning half-hearted-go, to three-times-a-day of something I really enjoy. And I won the bonus prize: Energy! 

 It will take months of effort to make the change in my figure that I’m looking for. But my energy level changed within days and as you can see, my house is changing too. I’ve got the energy to fold the clothes (and I do it, sometimes) and tackle those nasty little jobs around the house that seem to build up when you aren’t looking, like dresser-top clutter.
As a matter of a fact, because of all this new energy, I’m participating in a 100 days of declutter challenge. I’m excited to picture what everything will look like at the end of the three months: better posture, trimmer waist, glowing skin, happy heart, and clean counters! I can hold my head high at the upcoming reunion knowing that I’ve done all that good stuff for my home and my body.

A little more about Traci …
Traci Tyne Hilton is the author of Foreclosed: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery available on Amazon. In addition to writing, Traci is a die-hard children’s ministry worker. Story telling is her favorite job in the ministry but she is not at all above making and serving them snacks or leading them in wild games.

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  1. Fatin Khawarizmi says:

    It is nice to keep being young, dynamic,enthusiast, ….mother, nothing can stop the young girl in us, we women 😉

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