If This Walrus Can Workout, We Can Workout, too!

We personal train ourselves every day! I’m not talking about fitness; I’m talking about habits in general. We make decisions in nano-seconds that either re-affirm or re-train our personal wellness and fitness routines. Am I going to put a little less sugar in my coffee this morning? Am I going to spend five extra minutes doing laps or get out of the pool early? Am I going to train myself to be a better person, or just let myself stagnate?

This walrus is certainly not skipping any workouts!

By the way, situps and crunches might be fine for walruses but not humans. That said, did you notice the little reward that his personal trainer kept slipping him after each accomplishment? As you train yourself, establishing good health habits every day, make sure – as your own personal trainer – that you reward yourself for a job well done! Just make sure the calories in your reward are less than the calories in your accomplishment 🙂

2 thoughts on “If This Walrus Can Workout, We Can Workout, too!

  1. @toddweisscfa says:

    That's a great post Bethany. Not only entertaining, but you bring up a good point. Don't forget to reward yourself with good effort. TW

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