Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017! - Fit2B.com - Memberships at Fit2B are on sale!

As I look at the long list of goals that I intend to accomplish in 2017 for myself, my family, my business, my home, my faith… I have to admit a small part of me is eyeballing a couple of the bigger ones and whispering a tiny “Um, yeah right. That’ll never happen.”

Then again, a little over seven years ago I was being told by many friends that I should film some of my workouts and start a website, but I was thinking “Ha! Never!” I mean it all seemed soooo unlikely!

  • I’d have to learn how to run a website.
  • I’d have to expand my fitness education, skills, and practice.
  • I’d have to better my cueing to be able to connect through a screen.
  • I’d have to push myself farther – literally and figuratively – than I ever had before.

Yet I was empowered and able to do all that and more because it was meant to be. It was my calling, and I could no more ignore it than ignore my own children. My mom would tell you that fitness and helping moms has always been in my DNA.

Every time some new task, plugin, workout idea, blog outline, speaking request, or glitch – cuz those are part of business – presented itself to me, the time and energy {and help} to face them was there. Every time I needed to take another step forward {or sideways or backward} well, I can look back and see how God kept blessing, not just me, but others too!

I am so glad I found you and Kelly Dean at the Tummy Team, and the communities of ladies who share openly and give caring advice.” -Tricia

“Tough, long labor, but pushing was crazy fast… the doctor didn’t make it. My husband was awed at my body and said, “Babe, I could see your Fit2B work paying off! That was incredible!” Three pushes, all on top of each other… felt like one. Anyway, thanks for a great delivery, Beth Learn!” -Jeannie

“I only found Fit2B a few months ago. But it has been SO helpful. This morning I walked the longest I ever have – 6.8 miles!” -Teresa

If your dream is just to make more money, I can’t say if you’ll succeed. If your dream is to change lives with your unique talents and education, to make a living doing what you love and truly helping people, and your calling just keeps calling, then I have a parting question for you:

What if that thing, that idea, that out of reach dream you keep turning away from and saying “NEVER” to is the exact thing you’re supposed to do?

What if your “NEVER” is just your fear – or maybe a little rebellion? What if you’re meant to do it and purposed perfectly for it, and all that’s required is for you to take one step in its direction, and suddenly things will unfold?

And while you figure all that out, why not join me for a workout here? After all, there’s a little sale happening now thru January 15th.

Memberships at Fit2B are on sale! - fit2b.com

Happy New Year Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017!

  1. Kellye says:

    Help, my post about depression posted to the wrong thread, can you fix it!!? Please and thank you! It should have been in response to the December 29th blog post! Sorry about that, I’m old and don’t see well, even on my phablet ?

    • Beth Learn says:

      You bet, Kellye! Here is what you wrote {and thank you, it’s so good and makes such a good point}

      In 2000, after my second daughter and at 39, I had horrible post-partum depression. I was angry, depressed, irritable… but only I could do *it*–laundry , meals, grocery shopping, etc. Our sweet pastor, that I had known since I was 5, told me, “if you have diabetes, you would take insulin. If you have pneumonia, you would take antibiotics. You have a chemical imbalance that there are medicines for. You need to take them.” (Then he proceeded to malign the members of my profession–I’m an RN– for being bad patients!! LOL The same can be said for moms,too) Anyway, that was a game changer for me. I got help! Meds, counseling, letting my mom and sister help me cook and clean. I’ve battled depression and anxiety a lot. Just a few years back, I felt that pull back into that deep dark hole. I RAN to the doctor and said “this is what I have and this drug has helped in the past!” Thank you for encouraging mamas to take care of themselves. I think of myself as a checking account, as in, I can’t operate in the red. If I don’t make deposits, I can’t make withdrawals! Happy new year, y’all

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