Why I Changed My Mind {Again} About Joining a Gym

Why I changed my mind {again} about joining a gym - fit2b.com

I almost joined a gym today, but once again I walked away from their {not so} incredible offer. I know, I’m the home fitness queen over here, but I worked in gyms and athletic clubs for half my life, and sometimes I miss it and want to lift something heavy that doesn’t squirm, such as my dogs, children, or goats.

So I walk in, and I’m all ready to work out: I’ve got my leggings pulled on and my hair bunned up, and my money out ready to join. Literally, I’d done their free trial last month and figured it would do for a weekly weightlifting fix, but here’s how it went down…

Me: I’d like to join.

Sales Dude: Okay it’s 29.95 per month

Me: Wait, wasn’t it $25 last month?

Sales Dude With Rolling Eyes: We raised our rates. It’s also $29 for the join fee.

Me: Oh, um, how about you waive the join fee for me?

Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Sales Dude Who Ignores My Sweet Smile: Sorry, I can’t.

Me: Well, alright. I’m worth it anyway.

Sales Guy Reaching For My Money: There’s also a yearly maintenance fee of $29

Me: A what? Why?

People, at this point, I was already designing this meme in my head…

Sighing Sales Guy: I don’t know. Maybe to pay for new equipment?

Me: My gym rate doesn’t cover that?

Sales Jerk: Guess not. Oh, and they charge it 3 months after you join.

Me: But you said it was yearly, and 3 months is not a year after I pay the joining fee…

Guy Who Will Not Be Making a Sale: You’d have to ask them.

Me: So how much is a day pass?

Guy Who Has to Look at the Sign On the Wall: Um, I think it’s $7 … no! It’s $10… yeah, ten bucks.

Me: Okay so it’s $10 per day or $29 per month, $29 to join and a random $29 three months into my membership?

Non-Salesy Sales Dude: Yeah. You going to do it?

Me: Nope.

And I walked out. And I went home. And I put together another great routine for Fit2B with the time I would have spent picking up more germs for the price of $29 + $29 + another random $29 at the gym. Too many 29’s know what I mean?

And it’s not that I couldn’t afford all those $29 payments, but why does it have to be so complex? Why did he have to be so disinterested in me? Why didn’t he know what their day fee was without looking? Why did he sigh so much? Do other people not ask these questions? Am I weird? Don’t answer that…

Seriously, people. If you want more fitness for less money, you’re tired of gyms, or you’re just skeeved out by weird meat heads or other “sales” people, consider joining Fit2B.

We don’t slap on random mainenance fees, and my staff is so polite and courteous and amazing.

Plus here’s a bonus discount code to save you $19 off a membership: app19off

Good news! We don’t have startup fees on our Basic Monthly or Basic 1 Year memberships. No surprise fees to “maintain” what your rates already maintain (while also supporting 4 families)

Join here and get access to our online gym with over 300 routines.

Don’t forget to apply this code at checkout: app19off

You’re Welcome. Now come workout with me!

Why I Changed My Mind {Again} About Joining a Gym - Fit2B.com - Wanting to get in your arm workout and leg workout without worrying about soaring gym fees and germs? Why not choose home workouts that are diastasis friendly for your fitness routine? Click through for some fitness humor! - #fitnessjourney #humor #bodypositive #strongnotskinny #homefitness #homeworkouts_4u #healthylifestyle #coreworkouts #abworkout #fitmom #healthylife #healthylifestyle #armworkout #legworkout #diastasis #diastasisrecti #diastasisrecovery #fit2b #gym #gymrat
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