Guest Post by Jenn Bonner: The Finish Line

For Mothers Day, we invited an amazing “Fit2B Mama” who recently lost about 200 lbs and kept it off to write a guest post. 
Meet Jenn Bonner!

“I ran a 10K.  That was huge for me!  I RAN a 10K!  I never stopped.  I never walked.  I never gave up.  And my reward was to cross the finish line with my daughter.  No, [my daughter] did not run the whole 0K with me.  She did however take my hand at about 50 feet from the finish and ran across the finish line with me. 

Photo of Jenn running with her daughter taken with Trey’s camera phone!

“That act, that simple act of having my daughter run across the finish line with me was so unbelievably worth the 15 months of losing weight.  ‘Denying’ myself instant gratification allowed me to receive pure gratifying joy of seeing pride in my daughter’s eyes.

Jenn w/ family in Dec, 2007

“Being able to focus on what I was going to gain and not what I was ‘losing’ was intricate in my success.  I do not know if I would have been able to accomplish my weight loss and the recovery of my athleticism if I had focused on what I was running from and not focused on what I was running to. 

“What are you running to?  What do you want to accomplish after hitting your goal weight?  Concentrate on that and suddenly any temptation is not that tempting.”
 Jenn Bonner and her husband Trey are Certified Health Coaches with TSFL. Get in touch with Jenn via email at [email protected] and get a special discount when you mention Fit2B Studio. Visit their website at

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