Get in Shape While You Clean!

Neatness and fitness don’t usually go together, or do they? Housework is not my favorite thing. Even though the result is a clean house, it still somehow feels like a waste of my time when I’d rather be planning a new workout or editing. Long ago, I took Flylady‘s advice and lumped a bunch of housework together, creating an hour-long routine that got me and the house in shape.

1. Warm-up by dusting, moving about the whole house, giving a quick swipe at anything dusty.
2. Bump up the intensity by getting those cobwebs, reaching high and low with a cloth on a stick.
3. Give every hard surface a good rub-down with a cleaner of your choice. Work those arms!
4. Vacuum to get that heart rate up there! Remember to switch arms several times, and lunge with the legs.
5. Do a little mopping or get down on hands and knees for some spot cleaning. Make big circles and remember to hold your tummy in the whole time!
6. Time to take a cool-down stroll around the house, straightening pictures, putting out fresh towels, and replacing little necessities.

If you do all that back-to-back, you’ll work up a light sweat and burn some major calories, all while taking care of your home. Let the kids join in by handing them their own little dusting cloths and cleaning rags. Multi-tasking at its finest blesses you and those around you!

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