Fitness Is a BIG Rock!

Working out is important, but our fitness usually comes in last when it comes to organizing our schedules. Then again, what mom or dad of little ones really has a schedule? When our children are tiny, it seems like a whole day of diapers, feedings, play-dates, doctor appointments and messes can just fly by without a thought of fitting in fitness. But setting aside time to exercise should be a big rock in your schedule, and here’s why …

First, ask yourself what is REALLY important to you … For me, time to myself for reading the Bible, relaxing and working out, time with my kids and time with my husband are all super valuable “big rocks” in my day. Believe it or not, I see my business as several medium rocks that fits nicely around those bigger rocks. If I were to fill my schedule – my jar – with all the small “sand” items first, then I wouldn’t have room or time for the medium and large items of importance.

See how the sand in the jar took up all the room in the jar, so that not all the larger rocks could fit? We need to put the important things into our schedules first, not last! As parents, each day’s jar requires some shaking down to make it all work out, but when you finesse your ability to keep your priorities straight, you will have more time, not less! 
So figure out what big rocks you need to put into your schedule-jar first. At least one of those big rocks should represent a chunk of time in every day that allows you to stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy for those who depend on you. You are now ready to place the “medium rock” stuff and the “small rock” stuff. Finally, the sandy stuff that happens to settle in will just fill in the cracks without you losing what is most precious in your jar.

One thought on “Fitness Is a BIG Rock!

  1. Fatin Khawarizmi says:

    I did like the comparison "Jar"and how we can not put into it the big rocks which can not be supported by it!
    Thank you Beth for sharing your ideas with us; love it 🙂

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