For Fitter or For Fatter?

If you are married to a fitness addict – like myself – you will enjoy reading this article that I just came across in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “A Workout Ate My Marriage.” It takes an inside look at the lives of two families with dedicated athletes, and it examines how the time that the family fitness junkie spends away from home can affect everyone in the house.

The most crucial part of this article hits on how a marriage can change when just one partner makes the life-changing decision to get in shape. They become fit, do workout events, make workout friends that are fitter than their spouse, and suddenly they’re rotating in a whole new sphere of influence and intimacy that leaves their couch potato spouse, well, on the couch at home.

My favorite part, though, comes at the end with a picture showing an older couple. The man is watching his wife run on the treadmill at home, and the marathon running 60+ year old woman goes on to discuss how her supportive husband is her biggest fan.

That would be my husband. He gives me every opportunity to get out of the house, teach group fitness, go dragonboating, film for my online workout studio, and more because he knows it’s like oxygen to me. I’m the stay at home parent, however, so if the tables were turned and he was the fitness guru on top of his 8-5 job … I’d like to think I’d be as supportive as he is, but I don’t know … What do you think?

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