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As much group fitness as I have taught in studios and gyms over the past 14 years, my favorite way to workout is not indoors. Give me a hiking trail, a mountain bike, an outrigger canoe, or a pair of waterskis and you get a very happy Bethy! Planning my recent 32nd birthday party was no different. I wanted my weekend away with some very special girlfriends to have some sort of physical activity, and I literally picked our getaway location based on some stairs.

Photo of Hood River Stairs taken by Victoria H.

The Hood River Stairs total almost 400 one way. They take you from the Big Horse Brewery clear up to the top of Hood River where you can see for miles! Seven of my closest friends and I worked our bums all the way to the top and back down, and then a couple of us did it again the next day. It was an intense 20-minute fitness break in the middle of all of our shopping, movie-watching and laughter.

Not everyone is willing to plan their weekend getaway around a certain wellness activity, but the popularity of yoga retreats and resorts with inclusive outdoor activities is increasing. So the next time you plan a vacation, think about what kind of physical activity you want to DO and then think about WHERE you can go to make that activity a reality. We usually do it the other way, don’t we?

2 thoughts on “Find a Fun Workout With a Friend

  1. Finger Click Saver says:

    Hello…stopping in from BYB…thought I would say hi. Those stairs…they are very pretty to look at…but I would pass out before I got to the top. All I'd have to do is half way up…look behind me and it would be all over! Guess I'd never make a hiker…glad to hear you love it though. Have a great weekend!

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