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I found myself working out on my couch the other day. I had a cold, and I was tired of just laying there, but every time I stood up my head would throb to the rhythm of a polka song I’ve never heard. So right there on my cozy red couch, I started moving … Okay maybe it wouldn’t really classify as a workout, but I had a cold! It was the best I could do! As a stay at home mom (SAHM) I have to get really creative sometimes.
 A little couch fitness will start to melt ab flab away faster than just sitting on your butt and doing NOTHING.
You might need to switch positions just slightly, but you can do several things that would fall under the category of couch-fitness to lose some of that gut fat. I started this little ab routine of five exercises while laying in the comfort of my couch. Only one of the ab exercises below the video requires you to actually step away from the couch, and that one comes last anyway. 
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If you don’t believe you can work your abs from a chair, just watch this video from our Fit2B Studio channel on vimeo! Pardon my odd expression in the thumbnail. Vimeo always captures the weirdest frames. LOL

First, I did some alternating knee lifts. While you lay on the couch, pull one knee to your chest and then the other. Let one leg stay relaxed while you bring the other knee in as far as you can. Hold for a moment, breathe out, and then breathe in and you switch sides. As you get stronger, you can try doing this with straight legs, but that will be harder on your lower back Do 10 to 15 on each leg, rest and repeat for a total of two or three sets. You won’t even have to take your eyes off your plasma t.v. Click here for Bethany’s tips on strengthening your lower back 

Second, try this other free routine you can do sitting or standing that works your whole core and is WAY better than crunches!

Third, I did some side raises. Lay on your side and prop yourself up on one elbow. Bend your knees a little bit, and try to lift your hip and ribs off the couch cushions. This is a hard one. If you fail to achieve lift-off, tell yourself, “Houston, we have a problem.” Then try again tomorrow. Be careful not to tweak your shoulder; you can protect it by keeping your elbow right below your shoulder so it doesn’t feel crimped.

Fourth, I did some modified roll-ups.Put the remote or a pillow between your knees and grip it with your inner thigh muscles. Scootch your buns to the edge of the couch and slouch back. Tuck your chin to your chest, reach forward with your arms and roll slowly up to a sitting position. (if you do this and your belly bulges like a rising loaf of bread, you need to check your abs for a diastasis recti and avoid this move!) Sit really tall for a second, holding that good posture, squaring your shoulders, expanding your ribcage, and then roll slowly back down. Only go as far as you can keep your transverse abs engaged. If they pop out, stop! If your lower back bothers you, put a pillow behind you as you do this. Repeat as many times as you can until you feel a sense of fatigue in your tummy. Do this ab routine every couple of days.

Fifth – I forced myself to do a little cardio. Studies show that you cannot target one area alone and expect to see real results. How dumb would you look with gorgeous six-pack abs and flabby thighs, a huge butt, (click here for good butt and thigh exercises) and a saggy chest? Cardiovascular training, whether it’s a brisk walk or a long bike-ride, gets your whole body burning calories. The Surgeon General says that we all need at least 60 minutes of activity every day for optimal physical health.

4 thoughts on “Couch Fitness: Abs

  1. Alisa says:

    Hello Beth Learn

    Can I get some more info on why a modified roll up is better than a crunch and a sit up. Is it the speed?


    • Beth Learn says:

      Great question! When crunching up from the ground, the action or the “work” motion that is moving you away from the earth (going against gravity) is a crunch, so the muscles are being strengthened in a crunched, bulged, high pressure position. In teasers or or in a “rolling like a ball” motion the action or the “work” motion that is moving you away from the earth (going against gravity) is an unfolding motion out of a crunch position. The resistance work is one of uncrunching, and it’s easier to keep the belly “hollowed” while rolling. Roll-ups done full pilates style with the legs out straight aren’t super tummysafe. I do rolling in our challenging routines here and there, but not roll ups anymore. The downward roll gives time and space for the transverse to be better engaged. Check out the fusion mix where I teach a full roll up into a plank 😉 it’s all about the breath and where the work/engagement/neutral is performed.

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