That Time We Were Featured in Huffington Post!

That Time We Were Featured in Huffington Post -

Recently, the diastasis recti awareness movement received some interesting press when this NPR article about 1 exercise that can be done for 10 minutes a day to get rid of your mummy tummy went viral. It’s catchy, isn’t it? The thought that you can do one thing for just a few minutes, and you’ll have a flat belly?

Yes, but oh, please, friends, no. Just no.

It’s not that the method is entirely wrong, but it’s not complete. It won’t meet the needs of most women. It’s too blanket, too pat, too standard. Rehabilitating a middle that’s muddled by weakness and abdominal separation takes more {and sometimes less} than basic cues of “navel to spine.”

Truthfully, I use that cue sometimes in our home workout videos. I’ve seen it work for some peopleIt worked for me… at first. Then I needed more, but I also needed less: less navel to spine because I was going too deep, and more elevation, elongation… and I go into depth on all that and so many other amazing cues in my workout videos here on Fit2B.

Seriously, you’ll hear unique “word picture” visualizations for my workout patterns in each progressive video so that you keep learning about your core as it relates to your whole body in new, active, applicable ways. 

But, back to that HuffPo article that Fit2B was featured in here. In the A Simple ‘Mummy Tummy’ Exercise Could Be A Breakthrough For Moms article they wrote, they included our awesome graphic of the variations of diastasis recti, and linked thousands to us! I’m so grateful we got a mention in this excellent response article, and we didn’t even ask for it!

That Time We Were Featured in Huffington Post! - Fit2B Studio
In short, while one exercise may help some people sometimes, most women need more. Fit2B has partnered with physical therapists and specialists to create our massive online library of home fitness routines and resources that educate women on how to safely strengthen their core and pelvic floor after PT is done or when it’s not available in your area.

I collaborate with others in this field because treating broken bellies takes a village. I’m the ongoing fitness piece. Here’s what I’ve written on how to find and what to ask a GOOD physical therapist, so you can find the help you need. You may also need splinting, chiropractic care, counseling, nutritional evaluation, and more to fully reclaim control of your core + whole self. You are worth it!


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