Sometimes It Takes 5 Years

Why has it taken me five years to get it? I had my first child five years ago and went from every workout being paid for and planned as part of my job to having to find ways to fit in fitness on my own. At first I tried to keep teaching aerobics … 

Have you ever tried getting out of the house with a crying three month-old, driving to the babysitters, crying as you drive away, working out at the gym for 45 minutes, driving back to the sitters, quickly nursing baby to take some pressure out of the ol’ sports bra, and driving home? No, you haven’t? Well let me tell you: I quickly learned that the money I made teaching one class was not worth the time and effort and anxiety it was costing both me and said baby.

So I started doing more stuff at home. I cut my class schedule, only teaching when my hubby could be home with the munchkins. However, this left me with a lot of un-exercised days on my thighs. I would jolt awake in the middle of the night and think, “Dangit! I haven’t exercised in three days!” This also meant I hadn’t showered in three days because I always shower after I exercise. Funny how I was more worried about the exercise than the shower at that midnight hour …

After five years, I have finally got it, though. I finally know that exercise has to be a habit. It was a habitual part of my job routine, and it has to be a habitual part of my mom routine. I try to do it after the same event each day. For me, it’s waking up and climbing right onto the recumbent with my hand weights. If I miss that event, then it’s later at night right after I put the kids to bed. If I sit down on the couch, it’s over. It ain’t happenin’!

As you begin making fitness a habit, think about your day’s routines. Where would you be able to best fit 15 to 20 minutes of our Fit2B workouts? Is there an activity that would be a good segue into a quick workout? It only takes 21 days to establish a new habit. Make yourself a check-chart and reward yourself when you hit 21 days. If I can do it, so you can you!

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