Number Crunching…

If you like Netflix or working out via online fitness studios like ours – Fit2B Studio – then you might find yourself wishing for a larger screen. Well, these days if you’re wishing for it, someone has probably already invented it. Here is a list of docking items that allow you to grab your laptop, macbook, PC, iPhone or pretty much anything and connect it to your big screen HDTV!

The Warpia Easy Dock Pro lets any PC / Mac stream 1080p Wirelessly ~ $149
Ace Photo Digital’s Docking Station with digital audio for card notebook ~ Amazon $60
The OLO Computer – iPhone Docks as Trackpad Mouse
NETGEAR Push2TV Adapter for Intel Wireless Display ~ Best Buy $100

Obviously, these may seem like expensive purchases. Then again, consider how much cable or DishTV costs! If you have Netflix for $8.95/month and a fitness membership with us for $7.95/month, and you buy a NETGEAR Push2TV adapter for $100, the whole system rapidly pays for itself. Figure all of that into a year…

Netflix ~ 9×12 =  $108/yr
Fit2B ~ 8×12 = $96/yr (but we do $80 for yearlies)
Buy one dock ~ $100
Total = $288 for an entire year … The next year would be minus the cost of your adapter. How does that compare to subscribing to other services like Comcast that charges $30/month for basic TV services? Just a year of Comcast is more expensive!

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