It’s a Bug! It’s a Tree! It’s Kids Doing Yoga!

My kids have a yoga instructor for a mom. When people discover this interesting tidbit, they usually say something like “Oh you must love teaching poses to them!” 

Confession: I have never “taught” my kids any poses. We don’t start every morning with prayer and meditation and the lotus pose. Okay, we do pray over breakfast – when I’m not changing a dirty diaper at the same time as the first bite is taken – and I do exercise at home, and the kids imitate me, but they’re just being silly copycats. 

I don’t have to “teach” my kids to exercise. They just do. No one has to tell them to run and jump and wrestle. Children do effortlessly the things that adults struggle to do. My kids do Tree Pose and Downward Facing Dog all the time. They just don’t know it, and – sorry – I’m just not one of those gooey moms that’s like, “Yay, Baby! You just did a Shoulder Bridge! Good Job! Can you do that again for Mommy?” 

Give me a break! They’re going to learn the names of all the movements they already do so naturally, but it will be later in life when they’re old and fat, sitting on a yoga mat in a dark, dingy, dusty studio that they pay way too much for every month … ACK! Is that really what we want for our kids? No! We want them to grow up with a healthy view of fitness that can be done anywhere, anytime. And that’s what this site is all about. 

Don’t force your kids to move. If you move, they’ll move. Make it a game. Make it a race. If you don’t have kids of your own, borrow some for an afternoon, and watch one of our videos with him or her. Your example makes a lifetime impression of wellness. And you don’t even have to be a yoga instructor 🙂

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