Happy “Pink” Day!

Valentines Day = Love … Love = dancing … Dancing + Pink = Pink Glove Dance to raise breast cancer awareness. I know, the brain of this fitness chick works in mysterious ways. But this became a blog post when I went on youtube to watch the “Pink Glove Dance” that was originally filmed at St. Vincent’s Hospital here in my home town, and I found out that the concept has gone viral.

Here is the one I wanted to find and still love so much: A whole hospital staff dancing to “Down” by Bruno Mars. These clips were not filmed in churches but in hospitals with wide variety of diverse people and dance styles, so there is some booty-shakin’ … However, these people are trying to get a point across: Be there for those you love, for those who are suffering, for those who are hurting. Remind them that when they are feeling “down,” even if the sky is falling “down” that you are still there for them.



Here is the one I discovered today while searching for the first one, and my kids came in and started dancing to it! Love!



And this one made me CRY… Because it’s just so amazing to watch a DANCE make a statement. The words are amazing too: You won’t dance alone!

Anyway, I hope those videos brought a smile to your face and reminded you to NEVER take for granted how your body can be used to LOVE others… through a hug with your arms… through the comfort of your breasts … through a dance with your feet … through a smile on your lips. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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