Fit2B Is on Roku!

Get fit at home with Fit2B on Roku

If you’ve never heard of Roku, it’s a little tiny box that acts like a wireless router, attaching to your old TV with audio/visual cables or to your new TV with an HDMI cable. However, you don’t surf the web with it; you watch channels like Netflix, Hulu, etc. You plug it in, and voila! Thousands of channels to choose from, including our own Fit2B Studio with hundreds of our TummySafe routines!

Moms these days really struggle to recognize their bodies after giving birth. Mainstream fitness offers workouts that feel harder – even weird – in your postpartum body, and our abs and pelvic floor sometimes get worse after a workout, not better, if they don’t take all of our physical hormonal changes into account. Like diastasis, which is where you have a severe widening and thinning of your abdominal muscles. This affects your ability to do traditional “ab work.” For example, you might notice your belly sticking out more after a set of crunches. We’ve been contacted by lots of women who have regained their core strength and tone while using Fit2B.

Click here to learn more about our unique, family-friendly, diastasis-aware workout programs

Getting a Roku channel led us into a new era for our family-owned business of providing wholesome home workouts wherever you are! We’re very proud to offer the Fit2B Roku channel FREE at no additional cost to members of Fit2B. If you’re already a member of Fit2B then please log in and CLICK HERE to connect your roku to our workouts. If you’re not yet a member, then you should know that membership for access to all our workouts on any device is very affordable. You can learn more about that here!

A member's picture of her Roku and Fit2bThat’s what you saw for the first several years when you’d search for Fit2B on Roku. It was our original (OG) logo for Fit2B and Roku. We’ve since updated it to our current logo, which was no easy or cheap task. Did you know that just changing the appearance of a channel requires a massive approval process? It was kinda scary to go through that about 5 years after we launched our channel, but doing so felt really good. It also gave us access to new features that our members have really enjoyed as they select from our massive assortment of Diastasis-Aware Workouts. This is what you’re going to see now! 

Do you have a Roku? If not you can get one here.  What do you watch on it? Are you excited to be able to get Fit2b on Roku? We are and we hope to hear comments from you if you’re using it! If you’re a member, CLICK HERE to link your account to your Roku today!

 Click HERE to visit us on Roku! 

50 thoughts on “Fit2B Is on Roku!

    • bethanylearn says:

      Hi KVF, we are already available on AppleTV. It can be steamed from your phone to apple TV over the same wifi network. But you have to have an iPhone 4s or newer, or a newer appleTV device. If you go to our FAQ page under “About Us” there is a video we made (rather funny one) where I demonstrate streaming from an iPad via appleTV

  1. Andrea B says:

    I’m not interested in buying another gadget and then paying to be able to use it to watch things on tv. I can watch netflix on our Wii, so probably won’t be buying this, but I can see its appeal to some.

    • bethanylearn says:

      Andrea, I totally know how you feel. For those – like my family – who don’t really have lots of gadgets, though, this is a good purchase since we don’t have any gaming systems. We didn’t even have a real TV until I learned about Roku and realized I wanted to get Fit2B onto it! We just haven’t synced with Wii yet. Lots of members just tether their smartphone or laptop to their bigscreen, or they use AppleTV to get us.

  2. Debby Burke says:

    My husband is an IT guy; believe me, we have “gadgets”, multiple gadgets! So, we already have a device that connects to the internet so we can watch Netflix. Since I don’t understand all of this let me ask, are you only on Roku or would you be on our device as well? This is a great idea by the way, I hope I can afford to join soon!

  3. Renee says:

    I’ve never heard of Roku, and am not interested in buying it as we do not watch TV, believing it to be harmful to us and also a waste of time. Now I love working out, but I do not need a Roku to do so! I can see how many people would love this, but it is not for me!

  4. Anna Slade says:

    I cannot access all of the videos through my Roku. Only a fraction of them are on here and they are not organized like they are on the website. How can I access more videos via Roku?

    • Beth Learn says:

      Hi Anna, you are correct. Our office workouts and non-tummy safe “old” routines are not and will never be on Roku. We also load new workouts onto the site first (most of the time) and then turn them over to our roku developer in batches. He’s about to get 8 more to load 😉 Also, the roku platform doesn’t have the programming ability that a website does. So we had to divide our sections up differently. I apologize for any inconvenience, but we are still super proud of even having channel on there!

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