More beautiful updates are coming to Fit2B that will improve your experience, and I'm so excited to reveal a few of them to you right here, right now!

We are almost done building a new sorting tool for this dashboard, so that you can select a workout faster. You'll be able to choose workout length, style and intensity, and the images will sort right in front of you on the grid in real time.

We are also improving our communication system yet again, as well as our home page - all based on feedback from lovely members of our tribe like yourself. As we grow, and as we provide more, we want to keep things simple and easy to use. We will never stop working to serve you on your fitness journey.

Please, if you need help with anything just contact us, and a real person will respond within 1 business day. Have fun working out! Here's to workouts in any weather!
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  • Most members do well by starting here with the “Foundational Five” or “F5” routines and then moving on from those to the “Fit2B Beginning Path”
  • You can find all the newest routines on Fit2B here.
  • Here’s the post I wrote with the master list of equipment used in some workouts. Keep in mind, I always offer alternative props, so if you don’t have something, you can usually still do the exercises.
  • The link to contact us with any questions about your account or technical issues.
  • The link to our private forum on Facebook… you must request to join and be approved.
  • Random Tip: Because we have so much content and we must prioritize what members vs. non-members see, the navigation bar changes when you’re logged in vs. logged out. Be sure to hover over the drop down menus!
  • Get more education on our YouTube channel here.
  • You’ll notice some abbreviations in front of every workout, and those letters are important because they indicate progression. The pre-made workout paths here spell out a clear order, but the workout categories you see over there to your right do not spell out that order. So if you’re having a low-energy day or you’re just starting Fit2B, stick to “E for Easy ” routines. If you’re ready for more advanced routines, try the “M for Medium” routines and then advance to the “C for Challenging” routines. Here’s a few more: TS for tummysafe, P for pregnancy, K for kids, R for relaxing.Honor your limits today, and your body will honor your requests for pain-free motion tomorrow!

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