At the end of 2017, we migrated alllll the content on Fit2B Mobile over to this main website you're staring at right now. It was a LOT of work but so worth it to have all our resources in one place.

Membership to Fit2B provides more than ever before, including access to over 200+ routines and up to 12 courses. We also updated our customer service with a better ticketing system and chat feature. The bookmark system also got an overhaul, enabling you to make collections with that little button at the bottom of each page!

Here at the start of 2018, we are launching a podcast, starting to release the videos we filmed in December (over 20 total) and prepping a few more ecourses. The big buzz in our forum is about a brother course for Fit2B Girls. Yep, boys... I'm going there. With a great deal of help from other experts, of course 😉

Please, if you need help with anything, just contact us! We want your experience on Fit2B to be smooth and enjoyable because that's how movement is meant to be, right? I don't believe in "no pain, no gain" so I also don't want my site to work that way. I appreciate your patience during our growing pains, and I can't wait bring you even more in the coming months!
Here's to an awesome 2018!
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