Here in the Pacific Northwest, it was sunny and 55 the day before Valentine's Day, then it snowed 3" on February 14th resulting in school closures (because we don't do snow around the Portland area) and the next day was 45 and drizzling rain. all. day. long.

The weather is a yo-yo. My mood is a yo-yo. My workouts are a yo-yo. Can you relate?

Strangely, this time of  year is when I get super creative with new workouts for Fit2B - probably because of those yo-yos and being inside so much. This means that with over 200+ workout videos on here, there is something for everyone in every season because I've made something for myself in every season.

You can find the 12 newest routines in our recent releases section, and here are a few of my personal favorites for dreary days: Mellow Slow Flow, 5-Minute Stair Workout, Balanced Inversions, Foam Rolling, and the NEW circuit workout I'll be filming this month!

As far as what's new throughout the rest of Fit2B - beyond our workouts - We have launched our "Fit2B Radio" podcast, our beautiful new collection-style bookmark system, new blog layout, and our highly efficient chat envelopes for customer service.

Please, if you need help with anything, just contact us!

Here's to workouts in any weather!
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