Bloggable Recipe: Grilled Coconut Chicken

Some people like to cook. I don’t. I derive no joy from making a mess in my kitchen and cleaning it up. So when I find a simple recipe that makes my family happy and healthy, it gets written down on a receipt or envelope. If it comes back for a second round with good reviews, it gets put in my recipe basket. But this Grilled Coconut Chicken was beyond recipe-basket-good. In fact, it was so good I pronounced it a “bloggable recipe.”

Organic salad from our garden with the main dish!

This recipe has made it through the first two rounds, and people keep asking for it … But I’m not sure how it will be received because there are no real measurements. It’s really more of a marinade that has worked deliciously for both chicken AND fish! The part I take pride in is that it’s truly my authentic recipe. Well, that is, it was a recipe I got off the internet – and I lacked three ingredients – and adapted it to work with what I had in the fridge.

That moment of truth is something that I think most cooks and chefs must enjoy: that moment where everyone takes the first bite and gives their opinion. Unlike some other, more gracious moms I know, I don’t want any opinions at the dinner table. “Just sit down, eat what’s put in front of you – because there are starving children with empty bellies all over the world – and be grateful whether you like it or not.” Yes, I really do say that … a lot!

But here’s the shocker: My whole family (ages 2 to 35) loved this grilled coconut chicken – and the fish! – from the first moment-of-truth-bite! It was then I knew I might finally have a bloggable recipe.


Chicken tenders or breasts … or fish (we used perch caught in Flathead Lake, MT)

1 small can of coconut milk – the 3-ish ounce size?

Several shakes of paprika

Several squirts of dijon mustard

Several grinds of pepper (a.k.a. freshly ground pepper)

A bunch of squirts of lemon juice

1/4 cube of butter, melted

Shredded coconut (optional)

Try to get as many of the ingredients organic as possible. Toss it all into a glass bowl and smoosh it all together. It’s okay if the meat is a little frozen. The butter will solidify and flake but then melt again when it’s grilled. Put the bowl in the fridge for a couple hours before you grill it so the flavors can mingle and jingle. When it’s time to grill, take it slow. Be sure not to overcook the chicken or fish, keeping it moist and yummy. Sprinkle the optional coconut flakes right after the last flip so it sticks to the top. I only used half the marinade on our chicken, which is why I had some leftover to try with the fish. Both were so yummy!


10 thoughts on “Bloggable Recipe: Grilled Coconut Chicken

    • bethanylearn says:

      🙂 Todd, I know, I know … I used to cook more when I first got married, but I’m in the “thankless kid” stage where it’s best to keep things simple and healthy. Throwing in surprises or spending a lot of time on a meal seldom pays off with toddlers. Nonetheless, I have a lot of healthy recipes that I’ve gathered over the years, and I’ve realizes there’s a demand for them from other hectic moms like myself. But yes, I guess I am an anomaly in some ways 🙂

  1. Jean Kelsey says:

    Oh this looks delicious!! I am going to make it, too! The fact that it is so easy AND on the grill is perfect for me, too 🙂 Thanks for making this a bloggable recipe!

    • Jean Kelsey says:

      I had to let you know! I made this for dinner tonight with chicken. Everyone loved it and I am going to try it with fish next! Thanks for sharing Bethany! 😀

  2. AndiSchwartz says:

    Thanks for sharing! It sounds so good, I look forward to trying it. I think my “meat-and-potato” husband might like it! 🙂

  3. Teresa Buchmann says:

    I finally took a minute to check out this recipe. Looks amazingly simple and delicious. Joe’s favorite fish is perch…and I think we have some in our freezer from his last fishing trip. Will definitely have to give it a whirl!

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