8 Ways to EAT Healthy!

8 Tips to Healthy Eating - Fit2b.com

Dear fellow sisters who are trying to get rid of that post-baby line of fat in simple, no-nonsense ways you can share with your family…  I’d like you to meet Kristen Glover who is joining Fit2B today to offer 8 super simple tips for healthier eating. Kristen is mom to five kids – including twin boys – and wife to a military chaplain. She is a freelance blogger and writer who knows a thing or two about keeping families healthy.  

8 Tips for Healthy Eating - Fit2b.com


Kristin writes… “Most of us want to cook more healthy foods for our family, but it’s hard to find the time. Life is busy, and it always will be. As a mother of five kids, I know what it’s like to struggle against the clock. But, I’ve come to realize that I can’t use that as an excuse not to eat healthy. Instead, I use it as a motivation to plan better and work smarter.

I have learned a few things over the course of the years including the following eight simple tips you can use to make healthy eating a reality in your home.

Toss the junk

Being motivated to eat healthy must start with an understanding that anything loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients is not food. If it is not food, you do not need to “use it up.” You will not waste it by throwing it away. Many people sabotage their healthy ambitions by clinging to a false sense of frugality. They keep the junk because they do not want to throw out perfectly good food. But just because you can eat it does not mean it is food. You made a mistake when you bought it. Don’t make a second mistake by eating it too.

Avoid the pitfalls 

Once you’ve cleaned out the pantry, keep it clean. Stay away from the parts of the grocery store that sell un-food. If you can be strong in the grocery store, you’ve won half the battle. Splurge on healthy foods instead, like green grapes or some funky melon that the kids are going to love eating. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t make you feel proud of the way you feed yourself and your family. Instead, trade your money for the things that are going to have lasting impact like real, nutritious food.

Start with a plan

I am not one of those women who loves to plan menus so I keep menu planning as simple as possible. I have a master list of the healthy meals my family loves. I rotate them every few weeks, scheduling the super easy meals on the nights when I know we’ll be rushing. On the weekends, I can be more creative, but when time is tight, this mom loves having a meal plan that keeps me on track.

Make it big

It takes very little extra time to double a recipe. Get into the habit of doubling meals. Eat one and freeze the other! Not only will you slash prep and cleanup time, you’ll also build a stash of healthy meals in your freezer. Then, when you’re tempted to cruise through a drive thru, you’ll know you’ve got a better option at home.

Buddy up

Like most things in life, changing your eating habits is easier if you do it with a friend. One of the best ways a friend can help is by building your repertoire of healthy food options. Plan a meal swap! Double a new recipe and trade the extra meal with your friend. It’s a great way to try out new recipes without having to make them all yourself. Plus, you’ll both get a night off from cooking! 

Healthy Eating Can Be a Reality in Your Home - Fit2b.com

Stock the soup pot 

We eat soup at least once a week. It is frugal, and many traditional soups are nourishing and satisfying. Plus, having a big pot of soup in the fridge makes my life easier. It makes a great mid-week meal or a quick lunch. You can even save soup-worthy leftovers in a container in the freezer and throw it all together to warm little tummies when the weather turns chilly. I’m pretty sure that’s how the Italians invented minestrone, and the world has been grateful ever since.

Prep ahead

I have found that I am much more likely to serve healthy veggies if I prep them ahead. I make enough salad to last a few days, keep the fridge stocked with carrot and celery sticks, and even wash fruit as soon as it comes home from the store so the kids can grab it and go. Do a few tummy pulses while you’re chopping and you’ll get a core workout in besides! {No, Bethany didn’t insert that part! But she heartily approves!}

Stock the car

Most moms spend a lot of time on the road. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in the car at all times. Dried fruits, raw nuts, and bottles of water can keep you from spending money on fast food. Plus, you won’t have to mess with those ridiculous packets of ketchup.  {click HERE to read our article about fun, healthy roadtrips!}

There you have it! Eight simple ways you can begin to nourish your family and change the way you put food in your belly. Start fresh with great ingredients and real food and you will soon begin to build healthy, life-changing habits in your home.”

How about YOU? Comment below {leave a reply} and let us know what you do to get REAL food into your families hungry stomachs!


One thought on “8 Ways to EAT Healthy!

  1. Jaime says:

    #1 was the hardest for me to learn – although it also was a big day when I realized that grabbing a bag of grapes cost the same as grabbing a bag of chips – but the grapes actually went farther!

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