The Best “Fitness-Oriented” Gifts for the Holiday Season

If you have a list of kids to buy for during the upcoming holidays, consider giving them things that will get them moving. As a nation, America is facing a growing obesity epidemic because too many parents park their kids in front of the t.v. with fatty foods and snacks. Children – just like adults – need a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to strenuous physical activity every day to develop strong bones, balance, strength and endurance for the life ahead of them.

I have two super-active kiddos of my own, and this Christmas season I want to give them quality gifts that will last and get them moving. So I did some research and wrote an article entitled, “The Top Five Fitness Gifts for Kids!” I’m not rich, though, so the prices start at $75 and go down to just $10 … I’m not getting any perks for this article (okay I might earn $2 from Factoidz for writing it). My biggest hope is that Santa will read it, try the toys for himself, lose some of that jelly belly, and then pass these fit gifts on to deserving children. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Click here to read the full article about fitness gifts for kids!

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