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S2:9 The One About HRT With Katie Taylor

S2: 9 The One About HRT With Katie Taylor - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows busy moms are asking, "Why do I keep forgetting things? Why are my hair and skin changing? Why am I sad all the time?" Listen as we explore what peri- menopause symptoms increase a need for hormone balancing. Up-to-date research shows that hormone replacement therapy can increase a woman's quality of life postpartum and beyond. So click through if you're in your late 30's to mid-50's and asking, "Why do I feel awful?" #fit2b #diastasisrecti #homefitness #healthylife #podcast #women

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a hotly debated topic. It has benefits and  risks, and we found a very interesting person to discuss all of that with: Katie Taylor, founder of The Latte Lounge and daughter of an eminent breast cancer surgeon, Professor Michael Baum. Katie recently went to Westminster with some of her colleagues, […]