Fit2B Molly: Finding Fitness at Home

Do you see that mama at the top of the screen? Her name is “Molly” and – while she looks a lot like me (when I get my hair cut and styled on a regular basis) – she’s really every mom. She’s got a baby in one hand, weights in the other, and a purse slung over her elbow. But Molly’s journey hasn’t been easy; getting “fit to be” balancing a busy schedule of homemaking, mothering, networking, volunteering, and all that while harnessing whatever skills she has help pay the bills hasn’t taken time and stick-to-it-ness. Like every mom, Molly has a story, and one of our members in New York, Lynn Andrews, is a talented artist who is going to illustrate Molly’s tale of becoming a Fit2B Mama

Fit2B mom "Molly" finds online fitness workouts to do at home, but her kids interrupt her first workout with adventures in the bathroom. Artist: Lynn Andrews

Has something similar not happened to YOU while you tried to workout at home? Hahaha! This gal Fit2B Molly has been in my shoes. She’s you. She’s me. She’s every mom who barely has time to get dressed in the morning, let alone find time to herself. At least cleaning up the bathroom can be a warmup for the rest of the safe, gentle, effective, and FAMILY-FRIENDLY video workouts we provide here on Fit2B Studio, right? If you’re like Molly in also wanting to get rid of your pooch, be sure to check yourself for diastasis, which is an ab injury that contributes to the “barrel belly.” Then get excited, because all you need is 10 minutes to wake up your whole body with our complimentary core routine by signing up for our newsletter today.

Fit2B Yours, Bethany Learn 

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