Earthy Fitness for Your Urchins

Whether you believe in global warming on not, you have to face the full garbage dumps, littered streets, toxic chemicals in most of our cleaning and gardening products, and we must consider what we are leaving behind for the next generation of exercisers too! Read 4 tips below for greening your fitness routine!

Earthy Fitness -

Real fitness is multidimensional and has six facets: physical, spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and environmental…Take care of the earth within your own circle of impact, and the Earth will support you like it was created to. it’s not just about your tummy’s six-pack. I learned in college that if any of those six dominoes fall, then a cascade of problems start occurring. Our physical fitness directly affects several aspects of the environment around us, and I’m excited for some new resources {click!} that are teaching people how to be better stewards.

Stewards of our homes our families live in…

Stewards of our health that we need to stay active and giving…

Stewards of this Earth we are leaving to our children…

Your perspective about the health of the earth is a direct reflection of the level of life you are pursuing for you and your family. What level do you want to live at? What is your standard? If you want to be healthy, and if you want your children to be healthy, then you want the core source of your food and your water to be healthy. You especially want your home to be healthy.

Here are FOUR simple ways to GREEN your fitness routine starting today:

The Healthy Home... It's not as hard to accomplish as you might think.
The Healthy Home… It’s not as hard to accomplish as you might think.

1. Avoid the purchase of products and clothes that might contain toxic plastics and chemicals. Do your research. Know who makes what you’re buying. Know what’s in it. Why? Because when your body heats up during exercise, sweat comes out, but other stuff gets in! Do you want your pores opening up to what you’re holding in your hands? You don’t need any props to do home fitness videos with Fit2B Studio. Support local products and locally-owned clubs vs. chains. Fit2B studio might not be local to you, but we are two American families who have built this business from scratch, debt-free.

1. Exercise at home or around your home as often as possible. When you take a walk around your neighborhood, your eyes and heart open to your neighbors and community. Driving to a gym uses gas and energy and roads, plus your car emits things on your way there. Finding a good home core-based workout option can save you time and money, and it’s easier on the planet. Many fitness clubs and gyms are NOT green at all. Their pools are usually chlorinated (some are going saline), their equipment is made from non-renewable resources, their energy usage to run their equipment and lights is sky high, and they often sell products and supplements that are far from organic.

3. Re-use what you already have. If you already have weights, but they are just not the flashy, new pretty ones in the latest, hottest colors – even if they aren’t organic or non-bpa coated metal – find a use for them. Shoes should be replaced every 100 hours of hard exercise, but you can keep using your old running shoes in the garden or to muck out your chicken pen (we have chickens). If that old workout shirt has a hole in it, cut it into yarn and make a rug out of it or turn it into an eco rag. During Fit2B workouts, we use whatever we have on hand: bottles, toy trucks, a child, the cat… LOL!


DIY Natural Cleaners

4. Educate yourself on greener options for keeping your fitness space clean. Whatever you’re stretching on should be cleaned with non-toxic natural cleaners that promote your health and well-being. What we wash our mats and rugs and floors with is also what we breathe and absorb while we lay on them. It makes no sense to be working on our fitness while breathing noxious fumes. However, green cleaners can be spendy, and I’m glad that this year’s Ultimate Homemaker Bundle features some great books on how to green our homes.

Learn how to green your life with this year's Ultimate Homemaker Bundle -

This Earth Day, my challenge to you is to invest just $30 in learning even more about natural living and making greener choices. None of us wants to be irresponsible. We all want to be a blessing to the community and world around us, and doing that doesn’t just require our strength but also our awareness. And to be aware, we need to be educated. So much information about earth stewardship has been lost. Let’s start reclaiming it together! Click HERE for the best set of resources for home, natural living, faith and family you’ll find out there right now. Hurry! It ends on April 27th!!

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