Butterflies, Squatting & Results

When I respond to questions in the private member forum, sometimes the members “like” it a whole bunch of times, and that’s when I think to myself, “Hm, you should make this into a blog!” But grand ideas get away from me, so I’ve created this post to just copy and paste these random threads of thought that seem to resonate with my members. Here’s a picture of me squatting while watching butterflies at the High Desert Museum in Oregon… My daughter had my camera, and I guess she caught me contemplating the butterflies with tattered wings and scratching my chin? LOL

Squats are for everywhere, every day! Fit2B.com


Because we all feel tattered after having kids, and earlier that day, a member posted this >> “Sometimes I feel like I am making good progress and other times it feels the same as before. Is this normal? My core is definitely stronger though!”

And I wrote this in response to her >> “Fit2B has never been and will never be about quick results, and this is maddening sometimes. But I assure, it works better in the long run. Our bodies need gradual, sustainable changes, and that means we don’t always “see” results as fast as we “feel” them. You are making LASTING changes and the slower payoff will be a LASTING payoff. This is also why Fit2B is still rather small compared to other fitness brands… we don’t promise fast, sexy results. We just promise results.” Then I linked to THIS REALLY COOL ARTICLE by Wendy, founder of MuTu system.

But it always blows my members’ minds when I talk about and refer to other experts, because I guess not many people out there do that sort of thing, so someone wrote this >>> “Beth, that post was excellent and really resonates with me and makes sense to me. However, my head is absolutely swimming with different approaches and people who want my money for their systems. I think there are probably some very valuable systems out there that are worth every penny, but I am completely confused as to whether a) I need one or b) which one. I am paying a fair bit of money to a physiotherapist to help me with my diastasis and my prolapse and I often find myself not doing the exercises she has assigned because I am busy chasing a new trail from Tupler or Katy Bowman or MuTu…I just don’t seem to have a solid plan. Fit2b is a must for me because it is about my entire self, which is just what I want. Beyond that, though, do I need to do something else? Am I supposed to be adding MuTu? There are so many exciting things to learn and great exercises/techniques — too many, in fact!”

And I do love to keep people busy learning new info and chasing new trails, because I think our health isn’t just ONE program or destination, but I feel bad for confusing people when I’m really just trying to be nice and share, so I wrote this >>> “If your gap is closing, even if it is slowly, and if you are seeing results of any sort, I do not believe you need another program. However, I’d be the first to refer you out to another expert if you aren’t making progress. Each of them have their strengths. Fit2B isn’t a “healing” program, yet it is. I’m not a physiotherapist, yet they approve of what I’m doing. By simply providing fitness that is “tummy safe” and that allows you to move without ADDING pressure to your core, healing can occur.

“By teaching you some alignment basics, healing can occur. I’m consistent with the experts I refer to, and I often list their articles so that you build rapport with them should you ever need to use them. I know for a fact that all of us want you to find what works. If what you are doing works, keep doing it. If it stops working, then it’s time to try something new. Some will find everything they need on Fit2B; others will need to piece together their own system of what works with a little Fit2B, a little Tummy Team, a little Pelvienne Wellness….

Another gap in maternal pregnancy care for bellies and moms
Kelly from the Tummy Team checks a pregnant belly for DR at a professional workshop in Medford, OR which I attended in 2013.

“Each of us offers something. For example, if you’re a runner or rower, I like to send you to MuTu or MomBodFitness. If you’re pregnant and want a specific pregnancy program, I’ll send you to Lorraine in New Zealand or to The Tummy Team’s prenatal rehab program.  If you want a clinical, no nonsense program, I’m going to send you to Tupler.

I’m not going to hog the limelight, and I will readily admit that I’m still learning. We all need help with our core in various ways, and I find MORE hope in knowing that there are SEVERAL experts out there who are qualified to help my members in areas that I may not be able to.

In fact, I’ve recently put together an ecourse featuring many of the amazing professionals I just mentioned. It’s called “Experts on Diastasis Recti” and features a lesson from each of them to educate the world about this issue that needs more attention.

This is yet another reason I do free bi- monthly webinar chats for my members. Because I ask questions and they ask questions, and often I end up referring them out to another expert to really tailor their healing. I’m not sure I’ll ever believe I’m the big cheese. I think there are lots of cheeses out there, and we all taste pretty good and have something to offer. What I do is TummySafe™ Fitness, and for some, just changing their exercise routine is enough. Others need more… or maybe they need less.  No matter what, if you come my way, I’ll do my very best to help you in any way I can, even if that means trusting you into the care of another qualified expert. And I have no fears, because I know that my program won’t undo your hard work done in other programs and when you need core-friendly, family-friendly routines you’ll know I’m here for you <3

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  1. Matina says:

    You do a great job on the Facebook forum of showing how much you care about each individual. As your site continues to grow I’m sure it will be harder to keep that personal aspect but I’m sure you will manage it beautifully

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