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Fit2B recently partnered with top research physio Grainne Donnelly (BscHons Pg Cert HCPC MCSP) to compile an in-depth survey to help us learn more about abdominal separation and the impacts it has on lifestyle and fitness choices. Conflicting information abounds, and no standardized treatment exists. We got 1,024 responses to the first round of questions from people worldwide. Then we conducted a secondary survey, and those inputs are being looked at in Fall, 2021. The first round’s paper has been written, and we are awaiting publication. 

Our Research Team

Color Series: Blue Home Workout Videos - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows women are asking, “What are some things to do when bored? What's good for stress relief?” Click through for at home workouts that focus on core, breath, and motion. Because of this focus, you could do the more gentle exercises as part of your spa day at home. Beth, our core fitness expert, teaches hypopressives, the perfect ab workout at home. Also, check out the kettlebell exercises that safely care for abdominal trauma you may have, like diastasis recti. #fit2b #homeworkout

Beth Learn
Core fitness specialist, exercise scientist, and ceo & founder of fit2b studio, llc.

Beth has created 16 ecourses and filmed over 300 Diastasis-Aware workout videos on Fit2B that offer specific strategies for making a strategic return to fitness within the prenatal and postnatal stages. She holds a bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science, is a registered Yoga teacher, and has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 20 years.

Grainne Donnelly, Absolute Physio - fit2b.com - Grainne Donnelly, pelvic bowl, internal organs

Grianne Donnelly
Advanced Physiotherapist and Team Lead for pelvic health physiotherapy in the National Health Service (NHS) and private practice in N. Ireland, United Kingdom.

Grainne specialises in all elements of pelvic floor
dysfunction and has a particular interest in Diastasis Recti. She is passionate about moving the focus of pelvic healthcare to preventative strategies and providing pre and postnatal women with the information and access to help that they need to safeguard their pelvic health and well-being. 

About Fit2B

Fit2B is an online workout provider offering unlimited access to 300+ tummysafe workouts including cardio, weights, intervals, Yoga, Tabata, Pilates, foam rolling, kettlebells, circuits, kids fitness, and more! We are passionate about standing in the gap for those who have been led to believe that diastasis means death to dumbbells. The right exercise strategies can improve core dysfunction. Come workout with us, and we’ll prove it!

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