Animal Acrobats home video workout for kids - fit2b.comDo your children like to meow like cats and bark like dogs? What kid doesn’t like to act like an animal? Yes, this behavior can be annoying in certain venues (church, funerals, Great Aunt Ruth’s hospital room, etc.) but acting like an animal is also EXERCISE! This simple home exercise will help your children get some of the “bugs” out of their system, help them burn some energy in a healthy way, and then maybe you can “have a turn” with Fit2B Studio to do your own workout while they go do something else like have a nutritious snack! Note: This is the long-promised remake of the original. We’ve come a long way, and so have our kids which means only one of the same little ragamuffins was available for this rendition. 


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8 thoughts on “K – Animal Acrobats

  1. Francine says:

    My daughter keeps asking us to do the “animal one” but I can’t bring myself to listen to the whole thing to the end because the crackling from the microphone is so loud. Could you do a repeat without the sound issues? That would be awesome!

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