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Supportive Community 
Get access to our Facebook community where Founder Bethany Learn hangs out and answers your questions!


Supportive Community
Get access to our Facebook community where Founder Bethany Learn hangs out and answers your questions!


► Need a more flexible exercise routine

► Don't have the time or energy for a gym membership

► Are looking for safe pregnancy or post-pregnancy workouts   

► Have been diagnosed with Diastasis Rectus or Abdominus 

Gain new energy and challenge yourself in all the right ways. This membership is perfect if you:

What kinds of workouts do you have?

Here are just a sample of the many topics we cover on Fit2B: Tummy-safe ab workouts, pre-natal and post-pregnancy workouts, "Mommy and Me" workouts, solutions for people with Diastasis Recti, neck posture, aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, great glutes and lean legs, chair and floor workouts, cardio workouts, and workouts you can do at work and at home! 

What is included in a Fit2B membership?

Our membership site has over 100 workout videos as well as written content, informative articles, fun quizzes, printables, encouragement from other course takers, and other awesome resources! Did we mention that when you purchase a membership, your family members are FREE? For a complete list of our Fit2B workouts and products, check us out here


Is this pregnancy safe?

YES! Some moves need to be modified during the second and third trimester, but those modifications are provided. Our foundational routines have been approved by midwives, physical therapists, and OB/GYN doctors for use just 3 days after vaginal birth or 10 days after surgical birth! (Of course, we advise that you get approval from your care provider.) 

Is this hernia safe?  

YES! The routines we provide in this course are designed to help thicken your fascia while keeping pressure off the midline of your core. However, if your hernia is painful, swollen red, or hot to the touch, please see a medical professional immediately. If your hernia isn't painful and you've been told surgery isn't needed yet, then this is perfect for you. 

Unlimited, Tummy-Safe, Family-Friendly Workouts 

Forget the gym. Fit2B gives you unlimited access to a library of over 100 routines that prevent damage to the core and effectively reshape your whole body. 


Want to improve your overall strength  

Have ab muscles that worsen with crunches or situps

► Need to strengthen or focus on your core

► Are an athlete with leaking or hypertonic muscles

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Stream any of our workouts anytime, anywhere. 


Meet Beth Learn, the founder of Fit2B. She was just 16 when she started working in athletic clubs and only 18 years old when she became a nationally certified group exercise instructor. As a college student, she wrote weekly fitness columns and taught 14 group fitness classes a week - including step, kickboxing, The Lift, and dance aerobics and water aerobics - to pay her tuition. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University, she began working as an assistant manager, personal trainer, and fitness instructor at a federal fitness facility.

Beth Learn, Founder of Fit2B

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When she became a mother, Beth decided to stay home and only teach a few classes a week. As a mom with a muddled middle, she set out to research ways to make fitness accessible to busy parents, specifically moms!  Fit2B Studio is the realization of a dream: an online fitness portal that offers affordable, wholesome home workout videos for the whole family.