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NOTICE: Please allow 24-48 hours for changes in your account to show up in here when you upgrade or downgrade your account. Briefly, two memberships may show, but if you cancel one of them while our system is transitioning your membership, you may inadvertently cancel both. We can fix that for you, but it can several days to refund monies and straighten out your account. If your account doesn’t reflect the changes you made after 1-2 days, simply contact us and we will take a look and set things straight. If you happen to be double-billed, we will ALWAYS make that right and promptly refund you. We are here to help and we value our integrity. Thank you for supporting this family-owned business. We appreciate you so much!

Terrific Testimonies…

“Yesterday my lower transverse abdominus just woke up! Lol! I’ve been splinting and exercising for 6 weeks, but I haven’t been able to feel anything below my belly button. I had a C section 3 years ago. It was like a switch was flipped and I can feel it! Hang in there C section mamas! It takes a while, but my core was a mess and it’s healed so much in just 6 weeks. Happy!” Fit2B in Kentucky, Evin H.

“I said to my husband last night that I don’t feel like much has changed on the outside since starting this, even though I know it’s doing lots of good on the inside. He said ‘No, I can definitely see the difference, you are looking hot!’ Yay!” -Fit2B in Australia, Sarah B.

“I’ve been here a couple of months but I still have much to learn… Fit2b is exactly what I’ve needed to get back into things. I’ve been starting VERY slowly so I am certain to do it right… I thought the huge saggy belly button was permanent! There has been LOTS more progress with my posture and therefore my body.” Fit2B in North Carolina, Charissa W. Read her whole story here.

Terms & Conditions: With members all over the world, the safest and most secure way for Fit2B to process transactions is to accept debit/credit cards via an encrypted sign-up page and secure automated billing and cart systems. We are unable to handle cash or checks. Membership to Fit2B Studio paid for via automated subscription payments and includes access to all the workout routines outside of e-courses which are separate purchases in our store. The one-time start up fee of $19 is charged to newly joining or rejoining members and is included with Yearly Membership access. Upon joining, payments are immediately deducted from the account you enter at checkout and automatically deducted at the start of the next billing cycle. Monthly and Premium memberships are renewed automatically until cancelled. Each payment covers the coming month/year of access. This is not a contract. You may cancel at any time to avoid future payments. Ending your membership instantly terminates your access to our workout videos and stops all automated payments, but it doesn’t automatically delete your basic user account which thus allows you to continue using any e-courses which you may have purchased and which are separate from membership. You are responsible for managing your account HERE via the appropriate boxes. We are happy to grant refund requests within 2 business days of the last payment made for memberships or e-courses. We do not have the capability to track how often you utilize your access to Fit2B, so we cannot accept “lack of use” claims as grounds for refunds past that 2-day grace period if you fail to use your paid access to Fit2B for any reason, nor do we pro-rate payments for partial months used. Yearly memberships may be eligible for a pro-rated refund, in which case the refund amount will be based on the total amount paid compared to total months used up to the point of cancellation. We gratefully pay for referrals through our affiliate system. Above all, we are REAL people and REAL families behind Fit2B. If you ever notice anything “wonky” with your account, please CONTACT US HERE to hear back from a real person within 1 business day {Remember, we’re in the Pacific Northwest, so please allow for time differences and weekends} and give us the chance to set it right as quickly as we can because we pride ourselves in an ethical, upstanding, friendly business with excellent customer service. (updated 10/02/16) Click here to read our full disclaimer of liability.

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