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Love the videos, forum and support!

My Mom and I did a 10K today. Fantastic way to start the weekend. Fit2B has been instrumental to both of us in getting and staying active. In my other pregnancies I was not very active, so to be able to run at 14 weeks pregnant with NO pelvic floor or diastasis issues has been amazing! Love the videos, forum and support! Thank you all so much!

Tire Shop

A flat tire on vacation meant doing "Warrior Workout 1" in the tire repair shop lobby. After being cooped up in the car, it felt good to stretch!

It felt great to get some movement in and stretching

I just wanted to say thanks again Beth Learn for putting the fit2b workouts on Roku. My family has been going stir crazy and a little cabin feverish and not been able to move much due to illness and etc...last night we did 3 workout videos. One for the kids, one for me, and then one more because my (almost) 2yr old kept making the signs for "more"...she followed what you were doing to a T as much as her little body let her. It was adorable and it felt great to get some movement in and stretching as the last 2 weeks we haven't been doing much except sitting and being sick. Thanks again!

I walked the longest I've ever walked...

I only found Fit2B a few months ago. But it has been SO helpful. I will also admit - happily! - that my "after" picture is with my transverse engaged. I still have a bit of a pooch when it isn't engaged, but whatever- I didn't even *know* how to engage my transverse until a few months ago! This morning I walked the longest I ever have - 6.8 miles (!) - and was inspired to compare pictures. Holy wow! I'm so encouraged!


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