How strong is your core? Watch a quick, free video and find out.

How strong is your core?  It’s not about how long you can hold a plank. It’s not about how many crunches or situps you can do. In fact, those things can make your core WEAKER not STRONGER if you have existing core issues. This video was filmed with Kelly Dean, licensed physical therapist at The Tummy Team. Kelly is an expert in core health who guest teaches several Fit2B routines along with Bethany, the main instructor. In this video, Kelly will show you an easy way to see how strong your core muscles really are! Just click play and watch!

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NOTE: If you think that working your core is just for “looks” then think again! A weak core can create a myriad of other health issues including but not limited to stress incontinence, lower back pain, bowel irregularities, and sexual pain and dysfunction. 

Fan Q: I seem to have passed both tests, yet I have a large pooch?

Fit2B A: If your core is strong, and you know you don’t have an abnormally wide diastasis recti because you’ve checked it here, but your tummy still protrudes quite a bit, then it’s either “extra love” or internal bloating pressing outward from within, or you’re just not using that strong core as much as you could for total body movements every day 😉 Both bloating and bonus body fat are both addressed by better nutrition. I’ve heard it said that weight-loss is 80% kitchen and 20% cardio, and bloating is also the result of foods your body is unable to digest properly. This is oversimplifying a very complex journey, yet weight loss is a fickle thing that’s very personal to each individual. It’s really not as easy as calories consumed vs. burned. Mostly the body has to be provided with a consistent change that yields a new result. It has to be something you can stick with or you‘ll just go back to where you were before. I recommend keeping a food and exercise journal for a week while increasing your physical activity in sustainable ways. Many books have been written, but it’s YOUR STORY and needs that matter most. You have to know how you’re eating and exercising impacts YOU and analyze and tweak YOUR habits to get the health and fitness YOU want. 

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“Hi Bethany!  I’ve really enjoyed being a member, and I believe that after 2 kids, my diastisis has closed! I will always tell people about this site because I truly feel like my core is stronger thanks to you!” -Fit2B in Texas, Kara R.


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