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Welcome to Germany where Pilates was invented by the male ballet instructor, Joseph Pilates. Unable to find a strengthening method for his dancers that wouldn’t overly hypertrophy (make larger) their muscles, Mr. Pilates did a lot of research. He studied Yoga, weightlifting, and martial arts. While living in Germany, he began combining professional dance motions with bits and pieces of weight training, martial arts, and yoga moves into his own patterns and method: The Pilates Method.

🇩🇪  About Germany  🇩🇪

Germany has been around a long time. There is evidence and documents that record Germania and Germanic tribes as early as 100 A.D. Nowadays, Germany has the largest economy in Europe, is the second most populated state of Europe with over 82 million people, and is the world’s third largest importer and exporter of goods. The protestant reformation was centralized in northern Germany in the 16th century. The oldest, most intact hunting weapons and first musical instruments (mammoth ivory flutes) were found in Germany. Germany has been home to the inventor of the first space rocket, Wernher Von Braun, and also Hans Geiger who came up with… you guessed it: The Geiger counter.

Featured Routine: Plain Ol’ Pilates

Traditional classes that offer Pilates often {not always} emphasize a constantly hollow belly, turned out toes, and a tucked pelvis. In the routine you’re about to do, a more biological approach to Pilates is taken with less “first position” turned-out toes and more emphasis on natural alignment. We have a lot of “tummysafe” Pilates workouts on Fit2B, even one called “Pilates in Pajamas!” We hope you’ll enjoy this one with all of the basic, most fun moves. 

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