🇯🇵 Japan – Tabata

Welcome to Japan, home of a style of workout that has built in rests and is timed to the second. It’s called Tabata, and if you have a timer, you’ll discover that you can do anything for 20 seconds at a time.

Like we always say here on Fit2B: Everything adds, up even the little stuff. Tabata proves this fact, and here’s how it works: Pick any exercise, like squats, marching in place, or bicep curls. Do that exercise for 20 seconds, then take a 10 second break. Do 8 sets like that then take a 1 minute break. Now pick a new exercise a do the same thing. It looks like this:

  • Exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 7 times
  • Rest, stretch, and drink water for 1 minute
  • Pick a new exercise and repeat

Four exercises would give you a 20 minute workout, five exercises would make 25 minutes, eight exercises would offer you 40 minutes of fitness!

🇯🇵  About Japan  🇯🇵

Consisting of over 6,800 islands, Japan means “Land of the rising sun” which is why their flag has a red sun on it. The Japanese consume approximately 17 million tons of fish per year and have the longest life expectancy. They also eat about 5 billion servings of ramen each year, and they consider slurping noodles to be good manners. Japan’s national flower is the cherry blossom, and cartooning began there in the 12th century. More paper is used for creating cartoons in Japan than toilet paper! In terms of fitness activities, Japan is also the origin of Sumo wrestling, and more than one million people climb its highest peak, Mt. Fuji, each year because it is sacred to them. However, Japan also has the most McDonald’s fast food restaurants.


Featured Workout: Tabata Kick & Squat

This workout offers 7 rounds of various exercises done Tabata HIIT style, including core work + stretching at the end! Are you ready to sweat? Be sure your area of exercise is clear and you have lots of room to move, because we are going to take up some space!

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