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Welcome to China where Tai Chi originated in 1580 as a form of martial art meant for self-defense. It later began to appear in Taoist and Confucian philosophies, standing for the blending of opposites. If you are familiar with the idea of the black and white Yin and Yan image, you might be interested to know that symbol demonstrating the concept of “push vs. pull” is also known as Taijitu, pronounced Tai Chi Tu. 

Tai chi is spelled like this 太极拳 and full training involves five elements including:

  • taolu – single hand and weapons routines and forms
  • neigong and qigong – breathing, movement and awareness exercises and meditation
  • tuishou – response drills
  • sanshou – self defense techniques

🇨🇳  About China  🇨🇳

As we publish this course, China is likely best known for Coronavirus. You might also think of it as the manufacturer of a LOT of items you use around your home. Pick up something off the shelf in a store, and it probably says “Made in China” on the label somewhere. It has the biggest population of any country with over 1.3 billion people, but when it comes to size it’s the 3rd largest. It’s economy is second only to the United States. It’s located on the continent of Asia and it claims the world’s 4th longest river, The Yangtze, where the Giant Panda lives. China hosted the 2008 olympics in its capital, Beijing.

Featured Workout: Tai Chi Inspired Core

Our guest instructor for this lesson’s workout is Gillian Sukachevin, lead pelvic floor PT at The Tummy Team, and master Tai Chi teacher. You’ll notice her pregnant belly, and – indeed, this routine is safe for pregnancy – but it’s for everyone to enjoy! Be sure to pay attention to the balanced arm motions that push and pull in different directions.

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