Totally Transverse

Routine: This 10-minute crunch-free, plank-free mini-workout shows you how to use your breath to connect to your core throughout several simple motions, and you don’t need to lie down to do it; you can do the exercises while sitting or standing. It’s a kid friendly, mom-friendly, dad-friendly, grandma and grandpa-friendly, pregnant-friendly workout that will truly start to tone your tummy from the inside out! I dare you to do it every day for two weeks or at least 3-5 times per week, but measure your middle first, and then measure again at the end of two weeks. Your TvA is sometimes called your god-given girdle because it wraps around your whole body, and you’ll be amazed at the changes you see when you tell it, “Vacation’s over! Back to work!”

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Important Note: At the start of the video, Bethany warns that you might be sore later, and you could feel that soreness in your lower back, sides or in your belly because the transverse abdominis wraps ALLLLL the way around your middle and connects in your lower back, BUT if you aren’t sore, please READ THIS {click} and remember that soreness isn’t the goal. Health and strength are the goals. Soreness is more related to nutrition and initial weakness. Just like you can have a good internet provider but be offline, you can have strong abs but a deflated core. This routine and the others in the First Foundational Fiveare designed to bring your core back online while integrating with basic movements.

Reading: On Splinting… Belly binding after birth is a custom in many countries around the world, yet the wisdom of it has been mostly lost. Is it vanity? Does it work to help to flatten tummies or close a diastasis recti?  Is it necessary or can you heal without it? Read our splinting page here {click} and share it.

Today’s Tip: Show yourself some grace. Whether you are just exercising for the first time, or you are a seasoned athlete, these movements may require deep concentration. If your core has been sleeping, it may take a while to awaken it fully. 

More Reading: So when do you recruit your abs during the rest of life? Or do you even need to think about? The answer is: both and. Sometimes you’ll need to think about it, and you’ll also notice how your core automatically works for you in certain positions. The real goal is to get you doing more motions and alignments throughout your day that make your core work without you having to think about it. READ THIS ARTICLE! CLICK!

Yes, there will be a quiz at the end… but it will be fun, and you’ll learn even more!

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