Stretching, Stalking & Winners!

 It really stinks when we put a lot of effort, furniture-arranging, make-up doing, hair-snazzing – not to mention time & money – into a new workout video only to discover a flaw right before release. It’s discouraging to pull all that hard work out of the queue and re-film. That’s what happened with our newest addition, Simply Stretching. It was gorgeous, good sound and good lighting, but I go a bit “headless horseman” about half-way through it. 

I found the glitch right before it was released to our members, so I did what any self-respecting business owner does: I told our facebook followers exactly what the problem was, released it anyway, asked them to edit it and give feedback. I expected negativity, but what I got was positive attitudes and encouragement. Here’s the post and here’s what our followers said …

Need your advice: We have a beautiful “Simply Stretching” routine that is ready to be released, but Bethany’s head gets partially cut off twice towards the middle. The sound and lighting are some of our best yet, so the question is do you mind a slightly headless instructor for just a wee moment? We can re-film later, but the routine is SO good!
Stacy: Don’t mind at all!
Rachel: Post it and fix it later! 🙂
Traci: I don’t mind either!
Amy: How very “Harry Potter” of you…. “Nearly Headless Bethany.” I like it.
Aleta: Bring it on!
Fit to Be Us: Well, how about this … for just 24 hours I’ll make this routine totally public, meaning anyone can watch it … After tomorrow, we’ll take it back to members only. So open preview time. Ready. Set. Go!
Stephanie: I think its great! definitely keep it up!

MORAL of the story: never be afraid to ask. You might LIKE the answer. 
P.S. We’ll probably still re-film it 🙂
P.P.S. The WINNER of the Fit2B Studio 6-month membership on the Fitness Freebie Blog Hop comment #30 Racing and Saving Mama!

On a “Stalkish” side note: I joined the Saturday Stalk blog hop and The Friday Blog Hop with Mama to 4 Blessings! I really enjoy hops because they are a non-spammy way to meet other great bloggers and build a slow but good quality following 🙂 My attempt at a Fitness Freebie Blog Hop was successful for me, but a lot of other fitness bloggers had a bit of a rough time getting hoppers, because “hopping” is so new to the fitness community and some services are so location-specific.
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