Fit2b Firm DVD


Fit2B Studio has offered wholesome workouts to the whole family since 2010, and this DVD is our first “offline” release! You will receive our Kickboxing, Weighted Warriors, Love Handles Lost, and Align It Flat workouts.

Fit2B is radically different than other fitness providers in several ways: First, we emphasize safer exercises for stronger tummies as we cater to those who have suffered from core trauma such as diastasis recti, abdominal surgery, and hernia. Second, Beth Learn, our founder and main instructor is a real-life mom who films in beautiful home settings while attired in tasteful clothing. Join today at fit2b.com and find out how fitness doesn't have to be scary or expensive. You are “fit to be” a strong part of your family and community! Let us show you how!

This product comes as a DVD-R. Please consult your DVD Player Owner's Manual for compatibility.


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