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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Regular membership to Fit2B Studio is $9.99/month or $99/year via automated subscription payments. Each payment covers the coming month/year of access. With members all over the world, the safest and most secure way for Fit2B to process transactions is to accept debit/credit cards via an encrypted sign-up page; we are unable to handle cash or checks. Payments are automatically deducted from the account you enter at checkout at the start of the next billing cycle. This is not a contract; you may cancel at any time. To cancel your membership, go to your account (here)  and cancel.  If you plan to quit, please do your best to cancel within 28-30 days (to allow for February) after your most recent payment to ensure you aren’t billed for another month you don’t plan to use. If you utilize a trial membership, you are responsible for tracking the end-date of your trial and managing your membership in your accountWe do not offer refunds or extended trials if you fail to use your membership for any reason, nor do we offer refunds if you neglect to cancel before you are billed for the coming month. If you cancel mid-month, our automated system assumes you no longer want access and will instantly terminate your access to our workouts, and we are unable to pro-rate payments for partial months used. However, we do offer a one-month “gratis” refund to those who discover a major technical glitch in the site. We also provide an affiliate coupon-code system for those who wish to refer people to us. Click here to read our full disclaimer of liability. (updated 7/21/13)

What are the Members saying?

“I’ve had several people comment that I don’t look like I’ve had seven kids and I know it’s because my Mom pooch is almost gone from working those transverse abs. Love it! You are a household name here, Beth 🙂:) So grateful for your vision and dedication!” -Fit2B in Texas, Allison P.

“I just want to say that I am so happy I found this website! I’ve never really had to watch my weight and lost my baby weight ‘fairly’ quickly after both, I’ve also never felt really toned or super fit. I felt like I was just getting by, fitness wise- nothing wrong but nothing great either. I didn’t want to join a gym because I already work outside the home and traveling to a gym just takes more time away from my family. I tried workout dvds but I get bored easily and the variety was just not there unless I wanted to purchase a whole library. I joined a few weeks ago and started with doing just one 10 minute or less video most days. I’m not following a certain path but have been working through the fit2b at your level and schedule pages doing the easy and short ones. After a couple weeks now I can see some progress. While I still start with a 10 minute video, more often than not, it doesn’t seem like ‘enough’ anymore and I have been doing more than one each day or one that is up to 20 minutes long. Also I can tell my tummy is stronger; I can feel it being held tight when I pick up my toddler or reach for something. I also have chronic shoulder pain due to carrying my kids on one side and a repetitive job. I’ve had less shoulder pain since starting too. Thank you!” Fit2B in South Dakota, Alicia K.

“I recently joined Fit2B. Last week I decided to start the Beginning Workout Path. I love that it provides me with a schedule, because just doing a set of workouts here and there wasn’t doing much for me, as I am a woman who desperately needs structure. I just completed the second workout for this week, and I just adore these workouts. I love that they are so short, that they make me feel like I’m doing something to improve my body (I did the Standing Chair Yoga today, it felt SO good to MOVE like that! Haha, something I’ve NEVER said about exercise, even yoga, before) but that I don’t want to lay down and die when I’m finished.” -Fit2B in Alaska, Kassandra R.