Fit2B Molly: The One Where She RESTS!

Molly is drawn by a Fit2B Studio member in New York, Lynn Andrews, and this one is about our mama needing rest more than exercise. I might be the strangest fitness CEO in the world because I’m quick to encourage resting, but my clients need every bit they can get!

Fit2B Molly--sometimes the the best thing for us is REST! <3 <3

I sure love Lynn’s art! And I’ve so been in Molly’s shoes. Finally get some time to myself, sit down to take care of some “me” things, and fall dead asleep! Can I just say that if this happens to you a lot, it’s your sign – a sign that you’re exhausted and to rest when you can. We all need movement, but keep it gentle if you are already tired. A tough, strenuous “psyche yourself out” routine will just elevate your cortisol (stress hormone) more!

I’m not sure I’ve ever been a fan of “working out” every day of the week if you think of exercise as being 30 minutes of keeping your heart rate up…

I mean, isn’t my heart rate as a mom always up and aren’t I always moving?

Ha! Well, no… but even sitting and nursing for 11 hours a day (low average for newborn mothers) can be exhausting and use tons of energy. So I applaud my members who listen to their bodies and take a day or even a week off when needed.

Hey, and if your house gets hit with the stomach flu, you might need two weeks. After that you can ease back in gently with our F5 section and all of Fit2B’s “E for Easy” workouts.

No matter what you fitness needs – from gentle to challenging – Fit2B has you covered! Join here!

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