Fit2B Molly – the One Where She Dressed up Like a Diastasis

“How did I not know about this?!?” is what I hear every time I talk to a new member on the phone during their consultation call. “Why didn’t my OB check my stomach for this gap and give me a splint? Why did my chiropractor not know what it is and tell me to do crunches to help my back?!?” Women all around the world are asking these questions, and so is Fit2B Molly. Here’s our little comic strip mama, Molly, trying to raise awareness in her own way…

Fit2B Molly dresses up like a diastasis recti to raise awareness about the connection between flat abs and healing the core.

So how can YOU raise awareness? Because – let’s face it – women are broken, and it’s up to us to help spread the word and help each other heal. What can YOU do in YOUR community to educate and inform women about their core?

Click HERE to check your belly for a diastasis

Click HERE for free handouts you can print about diastasis

Click HERE to visit the artist’s blog

Click HERE for info on Fit2B Studio’s diastasis-safe workouts that really give you a flatter belly while toning and strengthening your whole body from the inside out.

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