Our F5+ eCourse is in The Ultimate Homemaker Bundle!

We are delighted to announce that our Foundational Five Plus ecourse is a part of The Ultimate Homemaker Bundle that gives you over $2,000 of resources for just $29.97 when you buy between now and May 1st at  midnight. Our F5+ ecourse contains 9 of our beginning routines and 2 printables to help you lay a foundation in your core that helps you make a solid start {or restart} in your fitness goals.

Foundational 5+ from Fit2B.com

All by itself the F5+ course is worth $19.95 and you get it with 105 other items for just $29.97 in this bundle! This doesn’t include all the bonus offers you can send away for!

I’ve written about all my favorite products in the bundle in this article here. You see, I’m a busy mom and wife, not just a fit pro. I rely on this bundle every year to remotivate me in many ways + my children look forward to the goodies they get as well. This year, that means a FREE kiwi or tinker crate. They love those!



2 thoughts on “Our F5+ eCourse is in The Ultimate Homemaker Bundle!

  1. Dharti Purani says:

    Hi Beth,

    I am starting with my foundation 5+ routine. I did the first class basic mula badha. There is something I need to confirm, when I try to draw my belly in I feel tension on back muscles. Is it something wrong? Also, i am not able to pull in my lower abdominal. I have post pregnancy pouch and I feel like I don’t have control over that muscles. Please advise.

    Thank you,

    • Beth Learn says:

      Hi Dharti, I hope things are getting easier for you as you stick to it. Consistency is key when waking up the core. Keep at it, and let those muscles know that you plan to keep sending the signals for as long as it takes. That said, if you get a few weeks in, and things still aren’t responding, you should consider finding a women’s health PT in your area who specializes in core and pelvic floor. Google “Fit2B how to find a good pelvic floor therapist”

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